Farming: Beyond S1: 12/9 and advice requested

Hi all,

looking for some advice about farming. I have searched the forums but I am unsure of my next step. A bit of info of where I’m at:

I have 52 x 3* heroes (with a few good dupes) 16 of them fully maxed and I will continue to develop them as a secondary project.

I have 48 x 4* heroes only 5 are on there way to be maxed (a week or so).

I have 13 x 5* all pretty much untouched, I am considering taking some of the to 2/60 for versatility.

I have been spending cash on the game. I have decided to cut back on spending due to the sheer amount of dupes I have been getting. Also, I don’t like the idea of buying ascension items but w/e. I will still use the VIP pass and maybe POV and the odd costume pull.

I have completed Season 1 and I am now at Season 3 12/3.

I am not sure about my next step. I think I am going to emblem a couple of my good 4*. I have BT, Tibertus and the pig under consideration for this. I also have Grimm, Proteus, Kiril, Caedmon, Almur and many others. I need to research which are the best heroes for me to level next but at the moment I want to finish my first 5 x 4*.

Ah I digress…… So I have been smashing S1: 12/9 for weeks now with my 3* which I have found useful as it lets me get an idea of how they can be used (Graymane you shall never leave my roster cupboard again). I save my loot tickets and flasks for AR and progress through the map as much as possible and then farm S2: 15/9 or 1/9 when it gets too hard.

I only do season 2 and 3 when the energy is low and then I go back to farming S1: 12/9.

So when I am not progressing on Season 2&3 is there anywhere better to farm than S1: 12/9?

Also, how would progress in terms of levelling my 4* and 5* heroes?

Thank you for taking the time to read.

It depends on what you are farming for.

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And it is a wise decision to level your 4*. But here too, as always, it depends. For offense or defense? Mono or rainbow? For example, I love to use Almur in my green mono team. BT and Proteus are generally recommended.

I was wondering what people are best farming for at my level. I think S1: 12/9 has been a good all round farming stage for me. I haven’t developed my forge much so I have a lot of crafting stuff saved up. I don’t really use battle items beyond axes and arrows, maybe that’s something I need to look at.

I suppose at the moment, back packs.

That’s a good point. I think I might make 3 x rainbow 4* then from that point make a 4* mono for each colour. I’ve kinda written off 5* gameplay for a year because it will take forever to get the ascension materials, also I don’t want to be ascending garbage 5*’s. With my current knowledge that’s highly probable.

I don’t know how to use proteus, I will have to take a good look at him and research him.

Depending on how do you manage your ingame time:

If you move the tiles I´d suggest you to advance in S2- S3 and S4. If you don´t have time and just autoplay while you are doing other things spend your flags in those stages where you feel more comfortable. 8.7 is cheaper in terms of flags and 7.4 has the best ratio to fill monster chest (and also provides some drop.

Thanks. I was planning on saving the flasks and geeking AR when it’s cheap W/E. with the new changes to AR I might re think that strategy.