Season farming

Has anyone figured out the best all around level in season 2 to farm? Or is it still 12-9 in season 1. Thanks input appreciated.

This spreadsheet has data up to some of Province 6.

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Season 1 7-7 is the winner?

I like S2 P1 level 10 hard mode. Tons of crafting materials and decent xp.

Depends what you’re looking for and keep in mind that we haven’t entered any of the S2 Provinces 7 thru 9 levels yet.

Sorry to resurrect, but this spreadsheet is the best resource ever. Has there been any further development?

To my understanding, @BarryWuzHere has taken up the mantle using data from older spreadsheets, including Mai and Hotdamness, and including his own data. It’s available here:

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