Extra tokens & emblems

I have all of S1 but I keep getting gold tokens which is now 20 and and I have all but Elena. what do I do with them. Is there some special event that I could use them for more than S1?

I also have 356 barbarian emblems with no one to put them no so it hold forever??

You can use Epic Hero Tokens (the gold tokens) for Seasonal Hero Summons. Halloween event starts next week you can use them on or wait for the better heroes during the Christmas seasonal event.

for S3, only the Vall token look usable. I do remember in the past when I threw in the towel on gold token a special event popped up the following week that allowed me to use them. I did kick myself. S1’s are feeder but hard to feed 5’s

Valhalla summons isn’t a seasonal event. Happens every month. The seasonal events are Halloween, Christmas, Springvale and Sand Empire. Those are the only summons (other than the normal Epic Hero Summons) that Epic Hero Tokens can be used for.


The Epic Hero Token is not only usable in the regular summons portal, buy also in the season events portal as mentioned by @EarlVerdant. Using them in those portals may net you legemdary heroes such as Master Lepus, Killhare and Sir Roostley from SpringVale, or Rana, Yunan and Roc from the SandEmpire, or Victor and a new red and green strong 5* heroes from Return to Morlovia starting this coming Monday, or Santa Claus, Mother North and Krampus from Santa’s Challenge this December. There are also good notable 4* heroes from those events too such as Buddy, Lady Woolerton, Jack O’Hare, etc.

But truth be told, that 20 EHTs of yours is not much. I have almost 4x that amount and there are several here in the forum with hundreds of them stocked in their inventory, hoarded for several months for the arrival of new heroes from the seasonal events.

At any rate, use them this Monday or on December. Hoard as many as you can as it is a free summon, FWIW.


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