Epic hero tokens hoarding [poll]

Hello! What is the best event in your opinion to do pulls with epic hero tokens?
I’m aware BF is gems only but maybe SG change their minds along the way :grinning:

  • Springvale
  • Sand empire
  • Kalevala
  • Halloween
  • Black friday
  • Santa’s challenge

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you cant pull with EHT during black friday?

Please read the text above the poll.

just give me ehts for gargoyles then :wink:


you forgot the solstice

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Also gems only. 20 characters.

ah true, you’re right

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It depends on the heroes you already have!
Despite having Santa (without costume) and Pengi, for me Santas challenge(Christmas event) is still the best.
Getting Krampus or MoNo would be great, even Santa’s costume or a 2nd Pengi would be appreciated. From the other events only Louhi and Kullervo from Kalevala are really good. I already have two Master Lepus, costumed Killhare, costumed Rana, costumed Roc and costumed Vanda.
Costumed Francine would be nice but is no gamechanger. So, for me the Christmas Event is the best for EHT‘s. Have actually six and hope to get arround 20 til christmas.

Happy gaming

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I think the majority will probably fall into Xmas. I’ve never really been intrigued by that as much.

Outside of MN, I think I’d get more use out of Vanda, Francine & C-Vic.

Klavela also had some really good pieces. Just a shame they are so close together so less time to refresh resources.

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good evening everyone, on the survey I put kelevala only for new and good heroes, but it would be better to spend the tokens for the Christmas family, for old but good heroes, then with the family bonus and their Minions they are really annoying, with mom who resurrects you many times, i believe they are better than kelevala

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