Extra teams

What is the point of creating seven or eight or more teams when you only need 6 teams for the wars

More for convenience. My setup is a levelling team (current rainbow hero projects), 5 teams for each color stack for raiding, 5 teams for each color stack for titan, and a farm team. Just saves you from switching out heros all the time for specific events.


Are you referring to team SLOTS in your roster or actual teams?

Assuming you mean team slots, then I don’t use those for any standard war or raid teams at all. I just build those on the fly to match up against whatever defense I’m attacking.

I have 6 team slots, and here is what I use them for:

Team 1 is called “Feeding 2*” and I use it to hold heroes I’m currently leveling up with 2* or higher feeders/trainers.

Team 2 is called “Feeding 1*” and I use it to hold heroes I’m currently either working to increase their skill to max (by feeding 5x 1* at a time) or else they are lower-levle heroes that I’m just slowly leveling up.

Team 3 is called “Raid” and I just change this up as needed when I do raids (whether they are revenge or otherwise). I typically 3-2 stack - three of the strong color against the tank, and Kunchen & Proteus as the other two.

Team 4 is called “Quest” and it’s the team I use to roll through 8-7 farming, as well as any of the other various quests I do (such as Collect Gems, Gain Experience, and so on).
This team is: 3-60 Little John, 4-70+18 Colen, 4-33 Tiburtus, 4-70+18 Grimm, 4-70+18 Jackal

Team 5 is called “Titan” and I use it to hold the team I’m using against the currently active titan.

Team 6 is called “Defense” and it holds my current Defense team.

I like having Team 1 & 2 be the current heroes I’m feeding, so they are conveniently sitting right there at the top, like so:


Convenient! And the colors like up in a very satisfying way with how I have it sorted. :wink:

I have 10 slots.

  1. Defense team
  2. Mono Yellow
  3. Mono Purple
  4. Mono Green
  5. Mono Blue
  6. Mono Red
  7. Raid team
  8. Titan team
  9. Farming team
  10. Work in progress team

It’s organized, efficient, and saves time.