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I currently have about 125 heroes in my roster. When I started this game just over 12 months ago, I set them up in rainbow teams until I had 6 war teams. Levelling one team at a time with one hero of each colour. And Then I just carried on doing the same - buying another team slot from the shop, building and repeat… moving heroes between teams so that my ‘A’ team was always the strongest
I don’t use these as set teams. I run through them to pick a team in 3-2 or 3-1-1 or 2-2-1 format for war, raids, farming etc etc.
I do go mono on Titan
I only have one ‘set’ dedicated team for defence.
Is there any advice on best roster setup or most user friendly setup - or is it just personal preference. Thanks

Personally I have:
Team 1 = Currently Levelling Team
Team 2 -> 6 = my 5 colour stacked teams (all 3-2 with the three stacked against a particular enemy tank colour)
Team 7 = Rainbow 5* Team, for farming Atlantis Rises & for when I want to try Rainbow Raiding
Team 8 = Defence Team
Team 9 = Titan Squad
Team 10 = Rainbow AOE Farming Team (for farming S1 map)

Rest of my roster is ordered by “Power”

Most of my war attacks pull from Teams 2->7 but do dip down into the lower order too.


Also, A good tool for “organising” your war teams and that is this one by @GDIBass

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