Different battle teams


Do you guys have different teams for raids, titans and “normal gameplay” or do you use always use the same team?

If you use different teams. What is important to have in each team?


I have three different teams that I use for different things.

My most-used team was originally created to be a Titan-killing team. It is all 3* and 4* characters with Fast single-target damage abilities. The logic was that fast heroes get their abilities off more often and single-target attacks do more damage than AoE’s, so I could maximize my damage output vs Titans.

I quickly realized that this team kills things very quickly, so I also use it when farming easy levels (usually 8-7 and 13-6).

It also works very well for raiding, since I have 5 direct-damage abilities that charge quickly. Usually shooting off 2-3 of them will take down any defender. Damage is focused vs spread, so healers usually can’t keep up with my damage output. Then once I’ve killed someone and made a hole it’s easy to send gems down that hole, charging more abilities and killing more enemies. My team is about 2600 power, and I regularly beat teams in the 2800’s.

My second team is more balanced, with heals, buffs, debuffs, AoE’s and single-target nukes. This is is the party I take when clearing the later provinces or the later stages of rare quests, where my all-out-attack team can’t survive multiple waves.

My final team is my defense team. Since it’s just used on defense colors don’t matter, so I have two red heroes in that party. I have two very tanky characters, two healers, and two damage dealers (Kiril is both a tank and healer, I don’t have six characters).


HI’m still playing around with teams. I usually use two opposite colors for Titans (two purples on a yellow, two reds on a green, etc), and my Titan team has Brienne, and the rest all fast, hard hitters. (At 7*, I had to start using my 4*, just to not be using health pots continually)

I use a rainbow for the map, except where the map is all one color, then I double-team again. At higher lvls, I will want to incorporate healers, but I’m not there yet.

On Defense, I build my team around LiXiu, toss in Cyprian (still playing with Brienne) and a couple of fast hitters. As I level up my new healers, I’ll see what changes. I WANT BOLDTUSK! Lol


I use different teams for titans and raids.

Titans you want an attack buffer like Boldtusk, a defence lowerer like Gormek, Grimm or Athena. A healer is good to have, thus Boldtusk. Then 3 fast single target heroes. While Li Xiu is good for defence, on titans she is not good.

While 5 fast attackers is a nice idea, attack buff and defence debuff will make those attacks and gems hit for much more.

For raids you want a strong defense and health hero in the middle. A healer is nice because it will probably activate and heal some damage back to last longer. You don’t want to give attacker a hole in the middle to draw mana from. Li Xiu is decent option as she will take away some mana, so attackers can’t nuke so fast, but she has been nerfed a lot.


G’day all,
I’m a newbie here so apologies if this question has been covered elsewhere. I currently only appear to have a single team available (team 1, presumably my defense team since clicking that button has no effect). Is there some circumstance which activates the ability to have multiple teams?
Thanks in advance,


Swipe to the right for the next team


You should always have three team slots. From the Edit Teams screen (either in the Heroes menu or right before you attack a raid or level), touch your team (the actual hero portraits area) and swipe left.

When attacking, it will default to the last team you used. You can set your defense team (the team people fight when they attack you) by touching the “Defense Team” button on that screen, too.


Aah! Got it! Didn’t know about the swiping mechanism.
Thanks very much!