Events and Tournaments for rare heroes. Share your teams, secrets and thoughts

As the title says, I’d like to talk about rare heroes.

Do you still have any or - like me - give them some roster space now or again?

How many would you keep and level?

Do you participate on events and tournaments for rares?

What kind of defense would you run? Show yours and share your knowledge.

Here’s my first suggestion.


I also have a bunch more further down that are unleveled. They’re in my to-do list, but they’re pretty low priority.

Defense depends on the tournament settings, but I prioritize versatility/uniqueness over multiple copies unless I had no better project at the time. I might level up one for fun because it’d take less time than a 4* or 5*. They feel a bit like racecars they level so fast. Vroom vroom.


I have many rares. They don’t all see use, but I like having the variety:

Not shown (1-1):

Berden #2
Balthazar #2
Bane #2
Brienne #2


… I have more maxed 3* than @Rook.

Is this what feeling rich feels like? :upside_down_face:


Watch it there, mister! :rofl:

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Sorry for the double post, but different reply. Back on topic, early in my E&P career, the advice was to keep at least one copy of 3*s and multiples of good ones for monthly events and that roster space was cheap.

So I did.

Some of those I used early on. My original Bane is one of those. Belith, Hawkmoon, Karil, Balthazar, Azar, and Kailani are well seasoned. Gunnar and Brienne saw a bit of use. The rest come and go as needed, but my original 3* crew is still in my roster taking up space.


Would you spend emblems on them? The first level could be useful and doesn’t block many emblems.

I have got 4 fast snipers in each color.
I have the interesting heroes such as brienne with emblems, and melia

About to level up gunmar for a tank. May put emblems on him as well.

I have collected a few more and may level them if it makes sense.

This is where normal folk have a chance to beat the abnormal folk.


I probably wouldn’t except for maybe Gill-Ra and Brienne because they’re really unique in their colors and classes in general (not all of us have a Kunchen). It would take less time than a 4*, but given I use 3* for monthly event rare level completion only and don’t find raiding or raiding tournaments that fun, it’d be a bit of a waste for me.

Also the consensus seems to be a max+20 3* is roughly equivalent to a 3/60 4*, well, I don’t think that’d be enough firepower to justify my needs given I’m straddling high plat/low diamond to fill my wanted chest quota.

Edit: probably Melia also, but they’d have to wait after Caedmon and Gadeirus, so might be a while…


They only get my surplus 1*s. I’m currently running 3 tc11 and a 20 for different trainings. Nevertheless they grow fast. Sadly often too fast to max their special in time.

My first bunch of rares were completely fed away, since they became useless. Now there are more possibilities to get them to front and I’m looking forward to the next tournament for them.

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With the change in special skill percentiles after v20, I decided to just ram all on color heroes into one for speed. Not that I’ve had a 3* to level since the change, but I figure a max 5/8 is better than nothing.

I maxed out specials on Azar, Hawkmoon, Carver, Belith, and… somebody else, I forget, because of the change. Friggin Azar was stuck at 5/8 FOREVER. uuuuuuugggggghhhhhhhh.

You can max the special afterwards by feeding 10 of the matching color at a time or a dupe for a 100% special up.

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Yeah that’s what I did. Azar was just hideously stubborn before then. Probably fed like 30 feeders and like 5 dupes without success beforehand.


As I posted in another thread:

  • Belith and Hawkmoon soon.

I wasn’t thinking about giving them emblems, but maybe I will now due to raid tournaments :man_shrugging:

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