Archer emblems

Fortunately/unfortunately, I seem to have quite the collection of decent archers. More specifically, I use Alasi, Lianna, and now Seshat regularly.

Right now I have all my emblems in Alasi since my default attack team prioritizes a Grimm/Alasi combo, which has been pretty effective. My Seshat is almost maxed now and i enjoy what she brings to the table in many scenarios, and of course there is Lianna, who many people praise as once of the best heroes in the game (although she often seems to get picked off early).

Im leaning towards resetting my emblems and dumping them in Seshat, since she seems like a beast, but im not sure at this point. since i regularly user all three heroes, does it make more sense to spread out emblems over multiple heroes?

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I opted for Lianna beast mode


If Seshat is your primary sniper and also in your defense then giving her the emblems is not a bad choice.

If not Alasie or Lianna would be better.

alasie is my primary sniper since she pairs well with my +17 grimm. i don’t have a good green pairing for lianna yet. i need to experiment with seshat and finish leveling her but my initial feeling is she may end up replacing alasie in my main attack team.

it may backfire though. people seem afraid of gm, but i actually seem out teams with him as tank since my alasie/ Grimm combo usually take him out before his special goes off.

i really wish the game took the class tree model similar to Idle Heroes guild tech (instead of individual hero upgrades, the tech tree affects all heroes of a specific class).


Alasie it is then.

My Seshat is still 1/1. One of those heroes that I don’t feel like leveling although some call me crazy for not upgrading her. I am still waiting for another purple hero.

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