Tiburtus or Triton

So I have reached a spot in the game where I have two ranger class Tiburtus and Triton, I have given both emblems (9 to Tiburtus & 5 to Triton) I only use Tiburtus for tournament but use Triton for raids and war… I’m I better off removing the emblems from Tiburtus or Triton? or keep them as they are and slowly add more emblems till they are even in strength?

I have more Blues and Purples, but only these two ranger class. Thanks :slight_smile:

Do you have a costume for Tiburtus? Do you have other defense debuffers?

I do, but have not begun to level his costume.

I use Triton, Wilbur, Rigard, Melendor, and Proteus as my defense team and swap Proteus and Vela on occasion.

It doesn’t really matter, whether a costume is maxed or not. It is about an opportunity. Costumed Tiburtus is much better than original and worth emblems.
My Tiburtus was on a bench for about a year outshined by Grim and Wilbur, but now I use him regularly.


You should absolutely max out his costume asap. The 5/5/10/5 costume bonus is about equal to +9 talent, so you can reset Tiburtus and move all those emblems to Triton if you so desire.

Also - do you have a purple mana troop? With a max costume, you only need a lv 5 mana troop to charge him 9 tiles, making him effectively fast due to the match-3 nature of this game. (fast is 8 tiles, but you’ll rarely get exactly 8 in 2 matches so 90% of the time 9 tiles is equal to 8)

After I maxed his costume he has replaced Grimm as my go to def down hero (I use the costume almost exclusively over the original) unless I need a blue stack to take out red tanks.


I have a few level 10 3* purple troops (near level 11) I will take what you and @SuuriKoira said and max the costume out then. Thanks :slight_smile:

Err you need the 4* purple troops to take advantage of the mana bonus unfortunately, but either way the costume bonus is still well worth it.


I had a bunch of emblems on Triton but was not that impressed. When I got Tiburtus costume, I leveled him up and moved the emblems from Triton and he seems much more effective.

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Omg. Do this ASAP. Lol. His costume is great. I’ve emblemed two tibsC… definitely gets more use in wars than triton. Not sure I’d waste a reset token… just wouldn’t give him any more. :woman_shrugging:


I agree with everyone else. I have both and my Triton is talents+6 but then I got Tiburtus with costume and love him. Not sure if I am ready to move emblems but truly love Costume Tiburtus!!!

I use triton on my ageir team because I like his damage and also really like extra healing. When I have him on my blue team he is awesome. Tiburtus costume is fantastic. Personally, if you can level them both up do it.


Costumed Tiburtus is great, always in my mono purple. With Costumed Rigard makes a deadly combination.

For what regards Triton, I used him a lot in the past and took him to +6 (def/life route, he’s far too squishy), but now that I have a deeper roster he became less useful. I’m currently considering to remove his emblems and moving them to Alasie

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I guess the question is, why do you only use Tiburtus for tournaments, but use Triton for raids and war?

From your defense team description (Proteus, Rigard, Melendor, Triton, Wilbur), I see that you’re trying to use Triton’s heal boost with Rigard and Melendor. And Wilbur already reduces defense.

But what about offense? Do you color stack? there would be cases where Wilbur may not be suitable (like, a Blue tank). Then Tiburtus can be brought in.

I have both Tibs and Triton at +7. Triton was +7 for a long time, but I stopped on him because I pulled Lepus, who is a better “sniper”. I find that Tibs’ (and Grimm’s) defense debuff is more generally useful than Triton’s heal boost, too. So even when I color stack Blue, Grimm gets used more often than Triton.

Tibs with costume also has a small mana boost, so with a Purple mana troop he charges faster than normal. Not at fast mana speed, but faster than Average.

I would keep the emblems on Triton, but give new ones to Tiburtus :slight_smile:


Costumed Tibs is the best hero to farm with IMO. Love that dude!


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