Help to choose hero for cleric emblem

I’m confused which to choose kunchen or elakenan ( attached all my roster ) , I’m not a fan to maintain rank in raids . Thanks

If you are going tu use kunchen as a tank it is a good option. However, I think telluria is a better choice for a tank, especially with vela and JF to back her.

So if I had your rooster I might lean towards elkanen and use it in def W/ vela tell jf and joon

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Not sure who you use as your tank/main healer. I have Kunchen in my def team and I always take him to offensive raids as off color healer. He’s obvious choice for emblems. Looking at your screens it seems you are using Rigard more than Kunchen, which is weird to me, Kunchen is superior to him in every way (just give him mana troop).

If you still want to use Rigard and bench Kunchen then no point emblemming of course (but I won’t quite understand this). However, I wouldn’t use these on Elkanen also. He’s just bad, unless you are going to pull extensively for his costume and use him extensively everywhere. But sooner or later you will strip them off.

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