Emblems for Glenda or Victor?

Got Victor in October and had plans to put emblems on him then I got lucky and pulled Glenda before finishing Victor. Now I’m torn between who to give my wizard emblems to. Who would you give them to and why?

To be honest, it all depends on which other heroes you have in your roster and what you need most.
To get a more informed decision can you post pics of your roster

I think they’re both fairly “middle of the road” - not amazing and not appalling

In a vacuum (not knowing your list or needs) I Would probably emblem Victor to make him less squishy, particularly if you have a level 11 mana troop. Especially because the green tank age is still ongoing which makes blue a weaker option

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So here is my roster. Technically I can continue to put emblems on Sartana but I was trying to split a little for war reasons.

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