Average mana 5* or fast mana 4* heroes for defense team?

I understand that their other skills and stats also make a difference in this decision but let’s assume we discount that. Better to include a fast 4* hero or an average 5* hero in the line-up, Which will hold diamond tier? Assuming all heroes are fully ascended.

Definitely, a fully ascended 5* will hold diamond more easily just by virtue of pure stats. No matter how good a emblemed 4* team you have holding diamond is difficult unless you are super active and online almost all the time. Hope this helps. :slight_smile:


You can get by with one emblemed 4* with max 5s and stay in diamond. I currently sit there and have for weeks since changing my tank. I run Melendor+16 , Magni +6, Mitsuko +6, Domitia +6 and Joon +6. On occasion I actually gain cups overnight. I have gotten to just above 2600 but the upper diamond tiers are mostly heavy emblemed HotM, event and seasonal hero’s. Guin, gm, kunchen, Ariel, zeline, etc. Sometimes ursena, kage, Poseidon, and other great hero’s I don’t have appear as well. I did manage to fight and beat Boats n Hoes from the prestige worldwide alliance but lost to the 150 ranked player I challenged today. So yes you can use them but you can’t survive with an entire team of them.

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