Embleming Sif (last node)

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I am using Sif in my defense team (double) in the center at the moment. I emblemed her till the 19th node and I am wondering if the last node is worth the invest. The last node from Sif’s emblem path adds 4% to the critical strike chance and Sif has no attacking special skill. I’ve seen several players in the leaderboard that have the same formation and emblemed her to 20, some kept her at 19. The question is does she benefit from that critical strike chance (autoattacks / counterattacks) and is that worth it from your point of view?

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FYI, critical hits do not register when using specials. That means, only thru tiles or regular/slash attacks can the critical proc.

I don’t have Sif. But since she only deals damage thru tiles or defensive slash hits, apart from her passive riposte, I think it is worth the 20th node since +4% critical is high compared to other classes, which only provide +2% critical bonus, unless you have other good rogue heroes you want to emblem, too.

I love facing her on defense when the enemy opted for double alternative raid defense formation.


Hi Ultra, thanks for answering. Are you sure crit doesn’t apply to specials? I wasn’t aware of that.

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Yep. But if you do see one, please share a screenshot or video of the special doing critical hit.

Probably there are as many opponents as advocates for this.

Last node is 250 emblems. You pay that amount for basically a gamble that she will hit critical damage once in 25 hits. What’s the probability of that kicking in being the deciding factor in you winning a match or a defense raid? I’d estimate it’s pretty darn low.

Meanwhile, those 250 emblems can be used to bring a legendary hero up 4 nodes or an epic hero up 10 nodes. This can really make a noticable difference in for example war attacks, expanding your attacking bench.

I am personally always advocating to stop levelling at lvl 18 and proceed to give emblems to other hero unless you really have noone else to work on and that 19-20 lvl talent are truly significant. Thanks to that approach I have 3-4 legendaries on 15+ per each class, and practically all my war attacks are with emblemmed heroes. I find it way more useful than edging winrate of my defense from 60% to 63%.


Critical hits don’t have anything to do with special, only with tiles or slash attacks, so last node will provide her with additional 4% of making double damage on the attack she does have.

I have her too, and I’m planning to emblem her all the way in the sword/hp path.

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I have a few heroes that will stay at 19 emblems because IMO, 250 emblems isn’t worth a slight critical hit boost.


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I have Sif, although I am not currently using her on defense. I use her when attacking and for titans. Against titans, her high attack stat when paired with a crit bonus become significant. She also provides protection for Jackal against titans (I do not have costume Leonidas).

Amen! I follow the exact same philosophy. Last two nodes on legendaries cost 375 emblems, to put that into perspective, getting a 4* to +18 costs “only” 395 emblems, so the ROI for the last two nodes on 5* is abysmal to say the least. Going from +18 to +20 on a 5* the difference may not even be perceptible, but getting a 4* from +0 to +16 is gives them unemblemed 5* stats and improves them fundamentally.

For the same reason I also tend to stop at +18 for my 4*, because again the last two nodes cost 110 emblems, which might be better spent elsewhere.

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