Emblem Khagan? Or wait to use on Seshat?

I am just about finished leveling up Khagan – one more level and he is maxed out. I was all set to put my Ranger emblems on him when I pulled Seshat. Now…I have exactly zero tabbards right now, (gave them to Kageburado who is also just about maxed out) so it could be a loooong time before Seshat is maxed out.

My feeling is that I should put my Ranger emblems into Khagan and worry about Seshat when I finally get the tabbards needed to take her to max.


I don’t really like him…not sure i would even get him to tier 4. If i were you i’d put my emblems on a good 4*, like Triton and then pass them on Sheshat

Khagan up to +1 or max +2.
More on him would be wasting.

There are cool epics for those emblems and they are 3 times cheaper.

I have Triton at 4.70 + 7 emblems. I still have another 180 or so emblems. Would you continue to put them on Triton?

I do like my Khagan next to Guinevere. He is slow to fire, but she keeps him alive and once he fires, he helps her recharge faster. But he is also my only 5* red, so…

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I assume Triton is on that list. How far into the talent grid would you power Triton up?

If you’re not using Triton on your main teams don’t emblem him more…If you have Buddy or Jack’o’hare then they’re your best choice.
If not, give Khan some emblems, he will sure be sturdier and help more in defence!

I have Triton at +18. I’ll be adding more health and stopping him at +19.

My Seshat will hit the wall at 3.70. I have zero Tabards right now.

My Lianna is closing in on 4.80. I will not be giving her emblems. I will wait for six months for Seshat to find six tabards.

While waiting, I might take Tiburtus to +19.

Hope you can extract your answer from these points. [Hint: if Lianna isn’t worth prioritizing over Seshat, then Khagan most likely isn’t either]

My main defense is Kageburado / Isarnia / Guinevere / Khagan / Kadilen. By the end of the week, they will all be maxed at 4.80, most with emblems.

My only other 5* heros are Seshat (unleveled), Justice (3.70), and Atomos (2.60). Until Seshat is leveled up, I cannot see any changes to that lineup. I have some highly powered 4* heros (Colen with 15 emblems, Rigard with 12, Gormek with 12 for now – Kage will get those soon, Wu with 11). Not sure any of those warrant a spot in my defense, though they get used heavily in war.

I’m CTP – basically VIP is all.

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Depends how you want to play and prioritize.

Most people who are pay-to-win or even cheap-to-play seem to want to put their emblems on their defense. They have 500 emblems, they want to make their 5* into a 5*+8. Essentially a 5.4* or a 5 and one-third star, if you will.

I prefer to spend my emblems on offense, not defense. I put 500 emblems on my 4*. This adds 100 power to them, essentially turning them into 5* equivalents.

So all those defending 5* that have gone up by one-third of a level on defense, my offensive hero 4* have all gone up by a full-level equivalent. I’m finding it so much easier to kill 5*+8 teams than I did before emblems came out. Love that everyone is focusing on taking a year plus to put emblems on their defenses.

That said, once defenses reach +18 or +19 of +20, they will be 90/95/100 power higher than a plain 5*. And then it will be back to the full level gap for me. But I’ll have enhanced 30 heroes with the same amount of emblems that others have advanced 10 of their 5*. So I still feel good about the approach.

With Khagan in your defense, and with you as a CTP, then perhaps you may wish to prioritize giving him the emblems. In which case I’d reset your Triton+7 and go all the way, if that’s your style - transfer those precious emblems from Triton to your Khagan as well.

At least 4 or 5.
I stopped mine at 7.
Took health and def.
Save some for Sesh now.
My Athena is also +5.

Thank you all for your replies.

This is interesting. I might have to think hard about this approach…

It must be Seshat. :grinning:

Khagen is a 5*???

You compare him to one of the best HOTM?

That’s like asking if you give emblems to dawa over proteus.

I like Khagan but i do not think i will put emblems on him. With Elena and gm in my roster i will level Khagan and Elena at 3.70 max then level up GM Lianna and Boldstuck

Give it to Khagan. He still makes an excellent offensive hero if you pair him correctly.

It will be months before you can max out Seshat so its best if you can utilize the best ranger in your roster right now.


Just wait Seshat is amazing and Khagan is very poor. I love seeing him on peoples defense, hopeless. I do mot have him but if he pops out of my TC20 Red Hood or Mitsuko will be eating him.

Give emblems to both.

Imo it’s better to have more slightly talented heroes than some highly emblemed.

I used my emblems on Triton and don’t regret it. I do have Khagan but he isn’t maxed. Using them on Triton can make him like a mini-Magni. He hits hard and with a healer you will learn to like his healer buff. Of course I would move them to Seshat if I were in your position but I don’t have her. Good luck.

You could always make sure you have a reset token, give em to whoever and then once Seshat is ready use the reset token and move em onto her.


I think you know that he is.

I did not compare them at all. I asked if I should put the emblems on Khagan since Seshat will not be getting maxed for a long time. I just used my tabbards to max out Kageburado. So I have zero tabbards. I figure it will take many months before I get enough to take Seshat to tier 4.

Just a wee bit of hyperbole here… Even if I were missing the mats for Proteus, the timeframe to get them is much much quicker than it is for Seshat.

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