Effect 2, NOOR Buff

Tenho uma Noor 3/70 e tenho notado a algum tempo que o efeito 2 de seu Buff não funciona comigo, o efeito diz: “o ajudante pardal destrói todos os ajudantes do alvo antes de atingi-lo” pois então, isso não acontece comigo. Quando ativo o especial de Noor contra qualquer inimigo que já está com lacaios ativos, como telluria e freya por exemplo, minha noor cria um lacaio mas não destrói o lacaio já ativo no inimigo, gostaria de uma explicação para isso, alguém mais com esse problema ou já notou isso também?

I have a Noor 3/70 and I have noticed for some time that effect 2 of his Buff doesn’t work for me, the effect says: “the sparrow helper destroys all the target’s helpers before hitting him” because then, it doesn’t happen to me . When I activate the Noor special against any enemy that already has active minions, like telluria and freya for example, my noor creates a minion but does not destroy the minion already active in the enemy, I would like an explanation for that, someone else with this problem or have you noticed that too?

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Some heroes have an innate resistance to the effect of Noor’s Minions.

Currently the two are:

  • Vela – Resists all incoming minion damage & effects
  • Telluria – Resists Minion Removal.

Also note, it is not Noor’s SPECIAL skill which removes the minions. Each time one of the SPARROW MINIONS strikes, THAT is when the minion removal happens.


Alguns heróis têm uma resistência inata ao efeito dos Minions de Noor.

Atualmente os dois são:

  • Vela - Resiste a todos os danos e efeitos de lacaios recebidos
  • Telluria - Resiste à Remoção de Minions.

Observe também que não é a habilidade ESPECIAL de Noor que remove os lacaios. Cada vez que um dos SPARROW MINIONS ataca, AQUI é quando a remoção do minion acontece.


Telly would also resist minion removal, right?

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Yeah Typo :stuck_out_tongue: Meant Telly not what I had written.

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Não tem muito sentido essa resposta de só destruir os lacaios quando ataca, porque o efeito diz que destrói o lacaio inimigo ANTES de atingi-lo, o que da a entender que assim que a skill de Noor é ativada automaticamente o lacaio do alvo inimigo é destruído, ao menos assim é que entendo.

There is little point in this response of only destroying minions when you attack, because the effect says it destroys the enemy minion BEFORE you hit it, which implies that as soon as Noor’s skill is automatically activated, the enemy target’s minion is destroyed, at least that’s how I understand it.

There may be a translation thing but on the english card it specifically states:

“before SPARROW MINION hits target, it destroys all minions from the target”

So very specifically links destroying minions to the Sparrow Minion attack action…

Pode haver uma tradução, mas no cartão em inglês está escrito especificamente:

“antes que SPARROW MINION atinja o alvo, ele destrói todos os lacaios do alvo”

Então, muito especificamente, liga os lacaios destruidores à ação de ataque dos Lacaios do Pardal …

Observe também que o idioma oficial do fórum é o inglês (de acordo com o #forum-rules ). Se quisermos continuar em português, este tópico terá que ser movido para #foreign-languages onde outros idiomas são permitidos.

Todas as minhas traduções feitas usando o Google Translate (não falo uma palavra em português, desculpe)

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No, what it says is that before the sparrow hits the enemy it will destroy all the minions first. So the sparrow’s hit will then be applied directly to the enemy

HOTM Noor should be buff stronger. What’s the point HOTM when it’s weak . She already slow , at least buff her up to be able to fire her special.


Noor’s special either needs to be reworded or the base code changed. Her minions do not remove or take away minions, they are destroyed, one hit KO’d. So their effect should work against Telly, but not Vella. Noor is also the only minion summoner that does not do something else. Telly does damage and puts status effects on the enemy, Freya buffs her teams defense, Delilah heals, Sheshat does damage, Christmas event heroes all do damage and. Some effect. As Noor being slow she needs to add something to the frey or leave her as is and make her fast.

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How about a nice defensive elemental link? No? OK, how about a self-heal for 400+HP that also has the ability to kill multiple opposing minions and that DOES NOT REQUIRE MANA to cast?

Compared to Kadilen’s 74% defense against special skills, Noor’s elemental link sounds mediocre.

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One you have no control on when that “free” summon occurs. Two it is usually five on one, so big whoopdidoo, minion is usually killed off before taking out one or two AP posing minions. Three her minions special doesn’t even work against the biggest threat in the game, Telly (and as I stated in the original post I think it should as her minions destroy not remove minions). Four you cannot pick who the minions attacks, more often than not they seem to attack Telly or Vella which makes them worthless because they don’t do anything. Five the 400 hp boost is worthless if she dies before she goes off, with her squishy defensive stats and her slow mana that is more likely to happen than not. Six elemental links are not that great as they do not help the whole team as a support function.

Sure you do. Dump more tiles into the summoners! I do that as I have both Noor and Gefjon in my team

Not at all. On average Noor’s minion will take out 2 or 3 of the opposing minions and is still alive

I don’t disagree with you, but also I am not too fussed. Does not impact the outcome of the match

Whilst I agree that it would be good if they prioritised the ones they can damage, your statement is entirely inaccurate. Assuming Tel and Vel are in the team then they will be targetted 40% of the time, which means that 60% of the time they are definitely not worthless

Wrong. She is not squishy at all to begin with at 4/80, she has good defensive stats. I have taken her on the health path and she is now at 4/80/18 and she is the last (wo)man standing in 95%+ of raids. She is almost impossible to kill with that self minion

How do they not help? They will often help the majority of your team as you would typically be raiding in a 3/2, 4/1 or mono config and for these they are very beneficial. I have a video where the minions on the 3 reds in my team survive an Ursena, Vela and GM attack and are still alive thanks in part to the elemental defense up. If you go rainbow then yes it has limited benefit.

Noor also won’t destroy minions from Ureaus and he is supposed to get a bonus if his minion is destroyed. I don’t think she destroys any minions at all!