Noor woes, Need Advice

Regrettably I buried Vela, Telluria & Sartana last Wednesday. Sartana’s emblems went to Guinevere, Vela’s to Noor & Tell’s to Sonya (but that didn’t happen yet as my actions flat broke me of resources. That prompted me to promote Natalya, Aeron & Miki to my defense team (Nat, Miki, Guin, Aeron, Noor). Looked good but played miserably! 300 cups down, I panicked & began re-loading Vela & Telluria. Ohhh the pain!!!

Now in war prep phase, I could use help on what to do next. What would be my best option for war defense & is there hope in my roster for making Noor work (possibly Proteus combo?) Or should I revive Vela & Sartana from the dead? Eeeek

My alliance is using Dark & Holy tanks

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you in advance.


I don’t know if Noor is good for defense. I have enjoyed her survivability in attack a lot, but mine is at 3-70. So i can imagine you have fun with her in attack… That said, the tellu vela combo even though weakened is still a good option in defense. Replacing vela, tellu and sartana in your defense by natalya, aeron and miki is defenitely a step back. Slow heroes are usually not going off in time, so the defense you have there is weak on the left side.
I think i would have kept the emblems on sartana, use delilah as a tank in war… Kept the tellu - vela combo and hoped for a nice green sniper (Lianna eg) to come your way soon :slight_smile:

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Because everyone is complaining about the nerf, does not really make those heroes as bad as some people write here.

Telly does still her thing:
Mana control 100%!!!
A little less than already low damage before
A little less meat shield

Vela still provides protection from one hit sniper kills and deals some stackable Dot to all.

Don’t get too attached by all those complaints and ventings (Like „I have paid a lot of bucks and now they broke my shiny little toy…bla bla bla“)


Natalya scares me a lot more on defense than Noor. I’d think about Sartana in there eventually…you have no hard hitter and are relying on minions and DOT to win on defense.

Nice team though!


I’m a strong supporter of noor but she is terrible in defence. Ive only ever lost once where she was in a team and it was a rush tourney. Get her out of there now!
Personally I’d go elena over natalya but that’s personal experience where I find she is easily countered. Elena while slow can at times turn the course of a battle completely.

And yes tel is still one if the best if not best tanks in the game. Vela I find underwhelming now but for lack of choice she will still be useful for you

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I wouldn´t use Noor don defense, Telluria makes a nice combo with Guinevre. If you add Miki as damage booster the lack of damage can be turned up. With the field aid That team is fearsome. I´d use Sartana as sniper.

If you choose the minion fest (I would do it if most of your allies choose that strategy) use deliah as tank and Telluria and Noor as flanks, with Natalya and Sartana as wing.

Guinn is the top tank in the game now. Telly is still good, but SG says they will keep nerfing Telly into the ground, so it’s better just to use Guinn for both raid and war tank now.

Telly is not a good flank imo, Telly works well as a tile soak but her powers are quite weak now.

No, there is no possibility to make Noor work. Noor works as a backup when you already have several extremely good anti-telluria counters. She absolutely does not work in defense and does not work in 99.9% offense teams. Just admit you made a mistake that you ascended her, enjoy her in extra fast tournaments (or against a lady of the lake tank), and move on.

Vela is still a great flank, one of the best in the game, would be a great flank for Guinn.

You should ascend Clarissa, give her your Telly emblems, and flank Guinn with Vela and Clarissa. That’s a nasty combo.

Your top heroes are good, if that’s your ascended 4* roster, you need way more depth imo.

No wonder it went south because none of those heroes SS does direct damage exept Nat in the corner, and she does DoT. You might consider adding few damage dealers there. Guin is superb tank, she also heals, so I would not consider other healers exept her. Include some damage dealers (preferably fast) around her, and I bet your defense will do a lot better.

If you are running yellow/purple tanks and decide to go with Guin tank, I think you would’ve been better off ascending Clarissa instead of Aeron. But can’t change that now.

Miki, Noor, Aeron, and Natalya don’t do well on defense imo. Regarding Natalya, you don’t have a better red hero for defense so she could potentially make the team.

Without considering potential synergies, you best blue hero for defense is Vela and your best red hero for defense is Natalya. I think that it was a mistake to strip Vela for Noor. It’s true that after the nerf, Vela is no longer the best blue flank to a green tank, but in your situation, she is still your best blue defense hero. Telluria is your best green defense hero but I’m not a fan of putting Telluria on flank if you use Guin as a tank.

One possibility for rainbow defense w/ yellow tank is:

Natalya - Telluria - Guin - Vela - Sartana
This leaves Sartana without emblems and Telluria as flank. Also very DoT heavy.

I would rather go with this:

Natalya+17 - Telluria+15 - Delilah+19 - Vela+19 - Sartana +18

Telluria at flank is still not ideal but I’m not sure if Hansel+20 or Jack O’Hare +20 would be better.

If you are able to max Clarissa, you should be able to run a Yurple defense center which should be stronger:

Natalya+17 - Clarissa+X - Delilah+19 - Vela+19 - Sartana +18.

Overall, the main weakness of your defense is the lack of hitters and too much DoT. That’s why at the moment, Sartana should make your defense team regardless of which other heroes you chose.

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This is the crux… It’s just too passive… And to add insult to injury, it’s also slow (and I’m often the one defending the slows, but it has to be a mixture!)

So it doesn’t do enough and doesn’t do it quickly enough!

Great heroes to he sure, but put together it’s just not scary.

There’s something to be said for keeping Vela in there… She’s not the Uber OP hero she was, but she still deals decent AoE damage and the attack debuff would mesh nicely with Guin (mana cut makes it harder for attacker to buff/cleanse to clear it, giving Guin more time and more casts of HoT).

I wouldn’t run two HoT (heal over time) in the same defence - at best it’s OTT and at worst it’ll overwrite itself. Aeron is somewhat underrated, but I definitely wouldn’t run him with Guin.
As someone else said, Clarissa would be far more effective there when maxed.

Whatever you do, you don’t want to run slows on wings unless they’re resurrectionists - it’s no wonder Noor isn’t doing enough (even if she was good on defence to begin with!)!

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Ignore this:

She doesn’t work in defence 100%. You may or may not be able to make her work for you in PVP, I have and other people have, but she doesn’t work for everyone or everyone’s team config.

She will absolutely work for you in PVE. Try her out in events and try her out in the ninja challenge. Don’t regret the ascension or the emblems, you will get your use out of her.


Ignore this:

You don’t have to say ignore my opinion, you can have your own. My opinion is that it was a poor ascension choice on my part.

We all know what you think of Noor and you’re probably a reason she hasn’t been buffed yet.

Look, we don’t all have Lady Loki and Grazul so that you can carry Noor as insurance. I’ve tried Noor myself (I have Mitsuko) and found there were better options after analysis.

Yes, Noor is OK for challenge events, if you’re having trouble completing challenge events and don’t care about the time. But any health boosting hero will do the same.

MAYBE, Noor is good for Ninja Tower, but it’s also a timed event and you won’t be placing well if that’s your strategy. In addition to that, the longer you stick around, the better the chance one of your heroes will be cursed. It doesn’t sound like you want to ghost tiles waiting for Noor to charge. But maybe I’m wrong, I haven’t played the event yet.

In any case, this player was looking for war and raid advice. Seriously Homa, your Noor cheerleading is getting way out of hand. And you’re getting a little disrespectful of others that have opinions different than your own.

My only point in regards to your post was the negativity about obtaining, ascending and embleming a hero that the OP can get use out of, when they have alread done all of this. No reason to make someone feel bad about that, especially as it is only your opinion and there are alternative opinions

Well I do feel bad and it does suck because it’s not fun playing the game right now. My alliance requested I move to a lower level alliance within the group and that blew.

The noise regarding Vela & Telluria influenced my decision and I made the mistake to act upon it. My bad. Lesson learned. I won’t do that ever again!

Thank you to everyone who gave me positive feedback and advice. I’ll keep grinding and hopefully I’ll get my team balanced.


Good - this is something you can walk with. The forum “noise” can be useful, and is well worth reading through. But keep in mind different people have different perspectives, different playstyles, different agendas and goals. So you have to filter the information and overlay your own personal experiences on top of it. Make sure you test everything out yourself if you have a chance, don’t rush anything - this game is always about the marathon and not the sprint.

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