Easy Going Alliance for Alts and Relaxed Players

Sin’s Training Camp is a fun and relaxed alliance made up mostly of alts and those taking a break from a more serious alliance. We war and attack titans daily, mostly for Path of Valor. Nether is required, but we are hoping to add a few players so we can kill larger titans for PoV. We are currently killing 5* titans with only 6 team members.

New players are welcome to join. This would be a great place to learn. Most of us are experienced players who are willing to teach you, and there’s no pressure on you to perform.

Attack the titan when you can (no one is gonna monitor or jump on you for not attacking). If you opt into war use your flags, but if you miss a few attacks, crack a beer and laugh about it.

We are experienced players here to have fun, grow our alts, and help each other with PoV. My Line ID is flazz1.

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