Looking for SIN players to join us? Open to mergers too!

We have been playing for a year plus now and currently looking for active players to join us! Pls check us out!
Open to mergers too.

Alliance name: Age Quod Agis

You can find me on discord too - sianzsianz#6521

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Also wondering…:thinking:

*What level titans are hitting?
*How many players do you have?


Hey Sarah, thanks for asking. We are hitting 4* Titans currently and we have 6 members in our alliance. :grin:

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Hmmm, I’ll reach out on Discord. Would you be open to joining a family of alliances, so we have access to a wealth of information and knowledgeable players who share their expertise.:thinking:

A variety of player levels but active daily players. Currently a group of 8, hitting 7*/ 8* titans, although aiming to once again chain 10* titans with a few more players. There’s room within our family of alliances for players to move and face tougher war opponents / titans when they feel ready to as well.

Thanks Sarah, let’s chat further via discord.

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