Bored player looking for a chill (veeeerryyy chill) alliance

I’ve been playing this game for over 3 years now and some weeks ago I just got bored. I mainly log in to play a level or two on the map, sometimes I get long series of using all my flags and raiding. But in general I am not an active player at all.

I miss killing titans but I don’t want to be a burden on any active alliance, I might not log in for a few days, miss titans and wars and not contribute much in general.

So I’m looking for an alliance that gathers players like me. We kill 3 titans in a row? Cool. We let another 3 escape? Also cool.

If anyone knows a place like this, let me know :eyes:

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Wenn du magst schau bei den stepptanzbienen vorbei.

You’re welcome to come join No Pants Village Idiots if you’d like.

That’s where I’m currently hanging out, it’s for people who are on a quasi game break/retirement, logging in irregularly, and sometimes hitting Titans or not.

We’re currently killing 3-4* Titans, mostly from my flags, along with @Korrilynne sometimes. @voidstrike and @SupremeAlienRaptor usually skip Titans these days.


Loot hunters boot camp might be what you are looking for and you might be able to spread your experience. It open to all and when you want to jump back in its ties to Loot Hunters

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@suntanglory sorry for the accidental rejection, I’ve opened the Alliance now

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Relaxing wolf’s is open to everyone
Only requirement is to log on at least once every 30 days

As my buddy hothom mentioned, Loot Hunters Boot Camp is the Chill/Training alliance for Loot Hunters. So you can chill there and if you ever decide to be more active, you can move to Loot Hunters when you like.

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