Legends in Training seeking merger

Edit: we’ve merged now, thank you all.

Legends in Training is a fun, but focused alliance, and we are seeking a similar group to merge with.

Currently at 18 players, 3900-4700 TP, level 40-75.
International, but mostly US/Canada/Europe.
Use LINE for communication
Must hit Titan (currently killing 10*)
Must use all flags in war, but can opt out

No minimum cups right now. We just want to find another alliance that enjoys the game and wants to keep getting better!

If interested, reply here or message me on LINE at Zathrus1.

Please consider Misfit Toys or Mystic Meadows. Both are casual and competitive with fun, active & experienced members.

We are also international in scope.

Let’s talk to see if we have enough in common to make it work. :grin:

Just hit that link above and let’s see if we might be a good fit

Discord is a must but we have an extensive library on there. Stop by and take a tour. Its free. We have 3 alliance’s and another may be on it’s way soon. We offer great advisors and great leadership.

Thanks to all that contacted me. Several good options, but we’re thrilled to have merged with ‘Bards of Hel’ — they had just the right number to make us full, and it seems that our game strategy and (most importantly) sense of humor are a great fit!

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