🧪 Early Information on Updated Guardians of Teltoc Challenge Event [Part of The Beta Beat V24]

You can for all the other stages without Chameleon :slight_smile:

Also you can for Chameleon if you just don’t let him fire his special off :smiley:


Gonna be bookmarking the infographic for this one.

Oh, exactly. It’s just like basketball. All you have to do is score more points than the other team. So simple. Without my best mana controller, this strategy should be a dead-lock cinch. :laughing: (I realize your comment was probably a bit tongue-in-cheek.)


Exactly :stuck_out_tongue:

Little bit :wink:

I put in bold the only amunity regarding specials and it only mentions eff. so you should still be able to cast specials.

@DaveCozy does anyone in beta have ammeona and could proc her and then gazelle and vice versa I would like to see how that works, I already have an intuitive idea but Id like it confirmed.


There’s been a fair amount of diverse feedback, and Gazelle has changed so many times not that it’s hard to even keep track of versions we’ve tested.

She’s also not actually officially in testing right now — they didn’t give us her to test again.

She’s only available in Beta right now by Summoning, so it’s difficult to test her with the other new heroes. You’d have to Summon and max her.

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This was actually discussed in Beta, and a member of the Small Giant Staff chimed in to say that the intention is that:

  1. Ameonna can enter Ghost Mode while dancing

  2. Gazelle can’t remove Ghost Mode

The reason being that Ameonna’s Ghost Mode isn’t considered a Status Effect, even though there’s an icon marking it.

I haven’t personally tested that, just going off what they said.


Very interesting (my intuition was dead wrong evidently), also another question, are minions still able to spawn if the caster is dancing? Thank you for replying btw.

I assume chameleon cant either for the same reason??? which makes me question the status eff list as we understand it currently cause I wonder if there are other intricate effs that block either of these effects. I feel like with these heroes you mods will have a bunch of bug posts just because of the potential confusion about the specials. That being said I think the heroes are an interesting and welcomed change to the norm.

As long as they’re not the result of a status effect, yes — because Minions aren’t status effects.

So Inari wouldn’t be able to buff the team and Dodge/Summon Minions, but Delilah could Summon, for instance. Druids can also Summon as usual.

An interesting question is QoH…I’ll have to see if someone tested that.

Presumably that should be the case.

I’d say that’s a certainty. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Can gazelle dispel jabberwok attack?

This the most confusingly interesting & intriguing heroes that I’ve heard of. I am so looking forward to hear reactions after releasing them & hope for the best!

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Thanks to @KLinMayhem for help determining that apparently Queen of Hearts still gets Taunt from her Minion while Dance of Spirits is active.

That means Gazelle and QoH have interesting synergy, as QoH can protect Gazelle from being targeted, and Gazelle can reduce damage done to QoH.

Puss can also add to the mix by making it easier to get and keep Minions on QoH — so the three of them together would be a great (and expensive) mix for Offense.


You mean the Poison DoT? If so, yes.

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Good to know thanks for the research, I am excited to see some new strategies when the gazelle arrivea

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Apologize if I missed this somewhere, I ran a quick search and couldn’t find an answer, how much damage is 100% if Gazelle dies? Is it a flat amount like Hansel based on attack? If so does that mean they all take like 700 damage?

It is the equivalent of if each hero took a slash attack from Gazelle :slight_smile:

I am pretty sure it ignores the “50% damage reduction” Applied by Gazelle… not 100% sure tho.


That makes her really good then. I thought it meant they instantly died (100% damage).


How would Guardian Owl and Gazelle synergize?

Like you purposely get Gazelle to die & subsequently kill the other heroes (except Owl) to unleash Owl’s special in full force.

NOTE - Gazelle’s 100% damage is applied to the ALLIES not the enemy.


I mean I figured that out. I just thought they took damage equal to 100% of allies hitpoints which would be instant death. :sweat_smile:


Well that F’n sucks! Thanks!
ranvir aswell isn’t affect either now I thinking about it.

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