🧪 Early Information on Updated Guardians of Teltoc Challenge Event [Part of The Beta Beat V24]

Are you positive? This is opposite of how identical wording on heroes like Hansel work. She’s better than I thought of this is true

Can double check for you… Hang on :slight_smile:

Can anyone, particularly the beta testers, critique or tell me if the below is a fair rank of how important each event is in terms of special event heroes?

1 Avalon
2 Teltoc
3 Wonderland
4 Grimoire
5 Pirates


Now I wonder which is bigger, OP or God Mode lol

Thanks for the update @zephyr1
I originally wasn’t interested in her with such a wordy special but you had me at God Mode.


I’d put Teltoc first for elemental down. Titans are the #1 loot source in the game, and guardians is the best around for Titan hits


I wish Chameleon gave enemies elemental defense down to the color of your highest cumulative attack stat instead. He’d still maintain his chameleon flavor, but it’d be less niche and wonky, plus he’d fit the guardians theme better


Do you want me to be poor? Cause this would be a great way to steal way too much of my money.

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Are you referring to in general? Or just in 5* or in 4*?

Focusing on 4*

  1. Guardians - Falcon & Jackal are kings with the debuff
  2. Grimforest - Two mana controllers… I mean come on :stuck_out_tongue:
  3. Avalon - mana controller in Merlin & a decent attacking buffer in Lancelot
  4. Pirates - Peters is a good sniper & silencer. Boomer does pretty OK DoA but is slow so limited really to tournaments imo
  5. Wonderland - Cat is good but limited. Captain of Diamonds is niche but an OK sniper…
    (#4 & 5 can be interchanged I think but neither here nor there)

Focusing on 5* Heroes

  1. Avalon - Best overall imo… Got Guin & BK as supremely annoying tanks, Morgan is a fantstic winger, Arthur with elemental debuff & LotL as a healer with annoying minons… Easily the best
  2. Wonderland - Alice & White Rabbit are awesome debuffers & titan killers, QoH is well… a tauntress :P. Jabber is a fun sniper & good at killing off the pesky wingers. Hatter is probably the weakest hero but still pretty good with the buff steal.
  3. Pirates - Finley really is the big draw card here. Kestrel & Lady Locke are both solid. Marie gets a fair bit of love & the 100% HP revive zombies can definitly turn the tide. Weakest would still be sargasso…
  4. Grimforest - No major stellar heroes but none which really suck either. Rumple & Boss are probably the best imo. Red Hood is a solid healer/meat shielder. Puss is OK but only stellar in combination with other specific heroes (main one being QoH). Snow White I’m not really sold on… Probably better on offence than defence (not having her it makes it hard for me to test her).
  5. Guardians - Highlight is Panther. Two new heroes (Gazelle & Chameleon) are untested yet by general population but both seem quite niche & fun to use rather than being game changing. Owl & Kong are widely regarded as being poor heroes to summon.

I think my list is “kind of” an amalgamation of those two lists, thanks @Guvnor
Thanks @Mr_Style_Points

If it is just one slash to all after Gazelle dies she seems like quite a badass, tbh.

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I’d assume this would be the case, mok does 80% to allies and its around a slash attack.

Also agree she seems pretty strong… 100% attack boost to rabbit and drake… yes please. Although I won’t be trying for guardians this time around.

Yeah, as I said tho… Hard to tell as most information on her hasn’t made its way out of Beta into Gen-Pop

Realistically one cannot assume that one will get 5* heroes from event summons… They’re only popping up for the lucky or those who spend heaps on summons :stuck_out_tongue:

So IMO the “General” order would follow pretty much the 4* order.


True but one can always hope…

If only we could call on someone like Candyman to ascend upon us with the answers…

looks in mirror @zephyr1. @zephyr1 @zephyr1 @zephyr1 @zephyr1

I’d order them as:

1 Teltoc
2 Grimforest
3 Avalon
4 Pirates
5 Wonderland

…because I base it on 4* heroes that are moderately obtainable, and ignore the 5* heroes that are extremely rare, and the rough order of importance of 4* Challenge Event heroes available in my opinion is:

1 Jackal (Teltoc)
2 Falcon (Teltoc)
3 Hansel (Grimforest)
4 Merlin (Avalon)
5 Peters (Pirates)
6 Gretel (Grimforest)
7 Lancelot (Avalon)
8 Captain of Diamonds (Wonderland)
9 Cheshire (Wonderland)

…and poor Boomer at the bottom.


I think we covered that here:


I just watched a video of a Raid where Gazelle dies.

Costumed Joon took 92 damage, and Panther took 122.

Looks a lot like the equivalent of a slash attack (aka 100% damage) to me, but it’s hard to know without looking at more examples, ideally with all stats known to run the damage calculation.


At the very least it shows that the %damage is not calculated as Hansel %damage is, which is key.

What about for 5 stars?

  1. Finley

  1. Guin
  2. Black Knight
  3. Alice
  4. White Rabbit

Does that sound anything close? Also, Where would you put Guardian Gazelle in in terms of challenge 5 stars? I know, I know, it’s changed so much and there’re too many unknowns. Not looking for a definitive answer here, just asking for your intuition based on what you’ve seen so far.

This is EXTREMELY subjective, depending on priorities and other heroes someone has, but I’d rank based on this order of importance:

1 Titans
2 Offense
3 Defense

…in which case I’d say something like this (VERY roughly, because a lot of these heroes have excellent synergy with other heroes, so a particular player’s rankings could jump around a ton):

1 Panther
2 Arthur
3 Gazelle
4 White Rabbit
5 Finley
6 Black Knight
7 Lady of the Lake
8 Alice
9 Queen of Hearts
10 Red Hood
11 Jabberwock
12 Hatter
13 Puss in Boots
14 Snow White
15 Morgan Le Faye
16 Guin
17 Boss Wolf
18 Lady Locke
19 Rumpelstiltskin

…and Chameleon, Kong, Owl, Marie-Therese, Captain Kestrel, and Sargasso are sort of impossible to sort into the list.

And while I’ve ordered the others, it’s very rough — I could easily slide any of them around several slots, or call several of them ties.

Obviously someone putting Defense at the top of their priority list would reorder this list a ton.

But I prefer to prioritize heroes I play with, and who help me accomplish things actively in the game, and deprioritize heroes who are predominantly useful to sit around on Defense, where I never actually play with them directly. (Plus while War Defense matters, Raid Defense pretty much doesn’t.)


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