🗿 Guardian Gazelle: Guardians of Teltoc – Thoughts, Discussion & Summon Results with Feedback

Would gazelle work as Tank with Panther, Kingston Finlay etc that buffs effect opposition and not allies etc? Thanks

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I wouldn’t recommend that, regardless of the team around her. An attacker can easily exploit setting her off and then killing her to damage her allies and reduce their mana.

If I saw her as tank, I wouldn’t even stack against her, hoping to keep her alive long enough to force her to fire.


When you were raiding with her in offense in beta did you see at all in defense? If you did was she flanking or on the wing? How does she do going against a ursena tank/flank?

I did a few times, and she was pretty terrible in flank and wing.

I don’t recall if I saw her flanking Ursena in particular.

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Thanks, feedback much appreciated. Do you see Gazelle having a place in flank or wing defence? Considering also QoH? or best to focus on offence?

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There could certainly be cases where she works on Defense if the attacker has a bad board, and the defending team has time to get multiple specials set up, e.g. QoH like you suggested.

But that’s definitely not her ideal role, and it’s relying on multiple defenders firing before the attacker gets a chance to do anything, which is asking for a lot.

It’s also worth noting that she would somewhat undermine QoH’s own damage reduction buff, since the Special Skill Defense would be removed when Gazelle fires.

She’s like a force of nature on Offense, and solid for Titans. I just don’t see her being a great choice for Defense.

I would pair her with QoH on Offense, though.


Thanks for the feedback on her defensive capabilities. I can see why she is a powerhouse in offense and titans for her 100%+ attack gain.

I think her and the Chameleon might be underrated. I wonder if you have Gazelle if you need to stack so heavily against purple tanks since it seems like she is a 2 in 1 yellow freeing up options to go other colors.


Final 10x and I managed to pull her. I’d rather get guardian panther but gazelle was second on my hope list. Chameleon is a little gimmicky for me and owl and Kong leave a lot to be desired.

I can see why she would be bad on defense, but can those who have used her in beta comment on what makes her especially good for offense? I think I don’t fully understand her special yet and what it stacks or doesn’t stack with or against what teams it might be exceedingly good

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Thanks, answered by more recent post. If then considering Gazelle as an offence hero, to what level then is needed for damage? More specifically, considering Druid emblems for Alby and Telluria?

Thank you, looking at Titan damage how does Gazelle stack (or not ) with Miki or Tarlack?
Last Teltoc pulled Panther and she is my most utilised and favourite hero (like also rabbit with yellow eyes)!

She doesn’t really, since she’d remove their buffs from everyone except herself.


Just did some quick testing with her and BK, Kiril, Rigard Costume, and Marie. As @zephyr1 mentioned, every hero besides gazelle loses whatever “status effects” they had, which does include buffs. I’m hoping this is also equivalent to a cleanse and will remove vampire bite, poison, burn, etc etc?That would be nice.

While Dance is active, heroes can still use specials to impart buffs to Gazelle to help her stay alive, such as defense up, but she is also vulnerable to receiving debuffs since only her allies are protected. Also, I think her HoT is dispellable, which is a shame. This puts a huge target on her head for defense teams and without a beefy crit troop on her tucked in the wing, it’s likely more risk than it’s worth to use her for defense.

Druid is a good class for her, albeit one with lots of competition, as it is an additional aid in protecting her.

I can see her replacing Miki as a titan ace, though maybe not in every case. I never found Mikis silence that great because in my experience, slash attacks deal more damage than the special and any negative status effects are simply treated with antidotes. Her 100% attack buff, which i think includes specials too?, is excellent, 50% decrease to damage received, and immunity to status effects are awesome. Plus, she’s average speed vs Mikis slow, which means you either need to use mana pots with Miki, which need to ultimately be rationed, or just use him for a smaller portion of the attack as you wait to charge him. Not to mention she lasts 4 turns to Mikis 3, which can be huge as you try to get a board to cooperate!

Lastly, regarding her 100% attack boost, does this effectively double DoT damage like Jabberwocks undispellable poison, and does it double the damage from specials? It’s not written like Mikis to clearly exclude special attacks…


That’s because it does not exclude special attacks.

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That’s what I was trying to figure out and didn’t want to get my hopes up. Thanks for confirming

I’m imagining a deadly rainbow offense of Alby, Gazelle, Grazul (to help protect Gazell), Finley, Jabberwock.

I think I’m wrong in thinking that +100% attack means Jabs special would do double the damage that it normally does? If so, good god that team would be insane, and with Finley…

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Buffer with Gazelle have no sens. I think gazelle works fine with snipers and debuffer. She’s also a terrible gamble as if she dies you lose.

I’m not sure to use her in raid offense, high interest in challenge or farming. Might be a good heroe for titan as 50% damage reduction is huge.

Can someone clarify that “dancer” heroes do 100% more damage when using specials please :slight_smile:

Sounds truly deadly, although most attack more colour stacked? From a defensive view, does QoH now become more useful due to Taunt?

Hello everyone

don’t you think that dispelling “undispellable” status ailment is a kind of weird?! I do like the game and enjoy it since long time but I think that this “feature” will influence it in a negative way. What is the purpose of having a certain character which has an “undispellable” effect just to meet the Gazelle to figure out that it is “dispellable”.


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