🗿 Guardian Gazelle: Guardians of Teltoc – Thoughts, Discussion & Summon Results with Feedback

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So has anyone used Gazelle?

Just summoned her and was super happy, then I saw the last line of her special…

Does that meal if she dies, any “dancer” hero on my team takes a chunk of damage and loses mana?

I mean, it’s annoying but her self heal should help keep her alive and average mana is nice.

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grats! I think the damage isn’t huge. probably still a great hero.

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The mana reduction is the killer really. Keep her alive and she should be amazing I think

It’s a very modest amount of damage.

I used her a fair bit on Offense for Raids in Beta, and she was amazing.

And they ultimately released her with the +100% attack, so I’d rate her very highly.


Cross-quoting these mechanics for reference:


Thanks Zephyr!

The damage to my heroes isn’t too bad but taking everyone’s mana away is more of an issue!

Still, keep her alive with a defense buffing hero and her self heal should help.

Did you ever try her on defense?

Also, does her damage buff stack? Say I fired her special to get +100% damage, then Boldtusk for another 48%, would that make it +148%?

Would she stack with Owl?

So many questions…

I wouldn’t recommend it. She’s too easy to exploit as an attacker.

No, because:

Yes, in that she would buff his attack.

But she’d prevent the HoT and defense buffs.


Ahhhh… That’s another negative. I assumed it was status effects that the opponent was using against you.

So if you used Kiril to heal, nobody would get the attack and defense buffs? That makes it a lot harder to put her in a team

No, but I literally never lost a battle once she fired when I tested her.

She’s best with a team that isn’t heavily buff oriented, but it’s difficult to overstate how amazing +100% attack, -50% damage, and immunity to ailments for 4 turns is. That’s a lot of opportunity to take control of a match.


Thanks @zephyr1 I got gazelle and wasn’t sure about the hero but that sounds awesome

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That part sounds amazing, especially the damage reduction, that could be huge for keeping slow heroes alive to fire, and I have lots of them!

Just reading her special again, it says everyone except the caster becomes a dancer. So wouldn’t any status effects still effect her?


Yes — so you could get some benefit from buffs that keep her alive or boost her mana, for instance.

And likewise you might still want a cleanser for DoT, though Blind wouldn’t particularly matter.

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That’s not too bad then, if I can use a buffer to boost her defense it’d help keep her alive.

Might look at putting some emblems onKiril in that case

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I’d say that’s worthwhile anyway. I’m quite fond of my +18 Kiril, he’s a little beefcake.


Mines +6 at the moment but I have 193 to use.

I have Rigard+10, BT+19, Sabina+3 or so and Kiril.

So It’s a tossup between those really, could go BT as he’s emblemed so much


This hero is a joke. How can she dispel undispellable status effects? This means that status effects are not undispellable anymore.


I plead ignorance but she looks like a gamechanger to me and very powerful. I hesitate to use the term OP but she does look OP


I think she is going to make my lesser used heroes pretty useful now.

A team with Isarnia, Guardian Kong and Quintus become pretty lethal if Gazelle can boost them first



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