🧪 Early Information on Updated Guardians of Teltoc Challenge Event [Part of The Beta Beat V24]

Is there any picture of new heroes from guardians ? I saw them once and i cannot find the images now

There was a sneak peek for the new Wonderland and Grimforest Heroes, but I don’t think they ever posted the ones from Guardians, unfortunately.

Sharing the images from Beta is also unfortunately not allowed.

Beta Update

I’ve hesitated for a couple days whether to post this, as Guardian Gazelle is not officially in Beta testing currently, but Gazelle’s Special Skill in the current Beta Summons has been reverted to the previous version with +100% attack.

I have no idea whether this is intentional or accidental, so please heed the warning that this may be even more likely to change than usual.

Here’s the full current Special Skill:

As I’ve mentioned before, I have never seen anywhere near as many changes to any Hero in Beta as with Guardian Gazelle.

So it’s difficult to interpret the intended final version — we’ll just have to see what’s released to the live game.


What do you mean terrible!?!



The gazelle looks very fun and effective in this state.

My only question: how many turns does the immunity to new status ailments last?

We’ll have to wait and see with these 2 bizarre heroes, but I love the look of gazelle. Not that I’ll pull her ;D

It lasts during the Dance of Spirits, which is 4 turns.

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Reading comprehension is not my strong suit. Thanks mate.

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It doesn’t help that the card has been completely rewritten multiple times.


Her scroll you mean :slight_smile:

Scroll down to read it all…

Among all NEW guardian heroes, if i may ask, which one do you like the best @zephyr1 @RandaPandah (and all beta testers who tried the new herows)? And why? Please give us some insight so we can have an idea from beta testers point of view :blush:
Thank you very much for the reply

Well there are only 3 new ones, Chameleon, Gazelle, and Bat.

I like Gazelle the best, because, as I’ve said elsewhere, she’s like God Mode on Offense once she fires.

The combination of reduced damage, status effect immunity, and increased attack give you a 4-turn chance to completely take control.

It’s also a fairly easy choice because Chameleon, while fun, is a bit hard to plan around, particularly when you don’t have the option for Mana Potions to control his timing; and Bat isn’t the most exciting of the new Event 3*, with Bauchan, Shrubbear, and Pixie all ahead of him.


Hi all, I just thought of one way he can be useful. Eg facing those rare titans that reflects. You can bring your strong color against it and when he’s about to fire his special, you fires yours and change his color first. Will that work?


Agree with @zephyr1

At first I wasn’t totally sure about any of the new guardian heroes (didn’t get a chance to test em a whole lot when they were in beta, and they all changes so much, it was hard to know what would stick), but last night I played with Gazelle some more and wow, she’s definitely my favorite of the bunch. The only downside I found [to her], other than needing to keep her alive to avoid ruining your dance party, is that you can’t activate any other buffs while your heroes are dancing. I run Alby a lot, so originally had my turned off to her, but I can see the value in it for those who run without buffs. Even for those that do, she’s essentially making your heroes fireproof for four turns while making em stronger, which is incredible.

As for Chameleon, idk about this one. His buffs are amazing (attack & crit), and dispelling all enemy status effects is helpful, but the whole changing colors thing seemed to get in the way of the rest of his SS most of the time. I can see the value in him during 5* tourneys with omitted colors, or yellow tanks with double purple flanks or something, but aside from those few situations, I find his SS more like a niche party trick kinda like Cheshire. Idk, I could be totally wrong about him, though. Didn’t play with him enough to get a feel to where he fits in game, but imo, he’ll be a good card to pull- but not one I’d chase.

Order of Importance:

  1. Guardian Jackal
  2. Guardian Panther
  3. Guardian Falcon
  4. Guardian Gazelle
  5. Guardian Chameleon
  6. Guardian Kong
  7. Guardian Owl
  8. Guardian Bat

Interesting why Gazelle is average but Marie-Theresa slow? It is not that MT is much better hero if we drop speed.

Wow, was there any feedback from yall to change her back to 100% that may have prompted this, I mean I feel like maybe picking a different number might have atleast made for sense, like ~80. Let me know how she feels in conjunction with the HOTM that are in beta.

How works the dancer’s? Can we use other herous ( dancer ) special skill if they are dancer, or they have a diferent skill gived by dancer form

I am excited to make some summons in this event, since it will be the first time for me, but can’t lie it is one of the riskiest in terms of 5* heroes. Kong, Chameleon and Owl are all kind of situational to bad. Panther would be awesome for sure and Gazelle also looks promising.
In any case, the odds are quite low anyway, so I am hoping to get Jackal and / or Falcon and move on.


Guardian owl special skill is amazing , his problem is that is very slow if he was just slow he wil be op , he is an amazing hero , i hope that they wil change him to slow sometime

Can’t wait to fight the new Teltoc bosses.

Does Chameleon also change titan/endboss color? Sorry, if sb already asked or answered my question.

Arrgh! It’s bad enough that I can’t use Onatel on this event (and don’t have Proteus). I was thinking at least I’d have a good dark stack for reflect yellow with Domitia +10, Sabina +20, Rigard +20, Tiburtus +20, and either Ameonna +9 or Cyprian 4^whatever he is by then, but then you had to go and bust out this possibility. Only reason I’m looking forward to Guardians is the chance to pull Falcon or Jackal.


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