🧪 Early Information on the UPDATED Third & Fourth Path of Valor [Part of the Beta Beat v30]

If the S3 quests are in the minority (ie only 1 or 2 quests) it will likely make little difference to the furthest reward you were capable of reaching, but yes it is a tad unfair - but that is a natural unfairness resulting from the fact that some have been playing for longer than others.


The valor challenge to complete daily challenges seems a bit… redundant?

Or maybe they’re just really embracing the whole Norse mythology bit and this is a nod to Ouroborus.

I don’t have an issue with the rest. I am a bit surprised at the s3 ones since you have to reach province 15 in S2 for that, but as long as it’s a small number of quests that’s fine.

In retrospect, seems like there were fewer “complete X levels” in general this time, which I also hated during the first one. Particularly that one day that had 50+ energy and IIRC there were multiple events at the same time. Which didn’t complete the dailies.


They need to seriously get rid of those harvesters and add in some keys, Valhalla coins, and LOT coins or what ever they are

The harvesters are pretty worthless unless you decide to make them available for S2 being nobody will play for 24 hours straight


Agree, the harvester items are a BIG failure they need to scrap. Give us keys and coins instead like you stated.


@zephyr1 bro tell to dev team that level up troops is not acceptable as I don’t hv any feeders for Troops , this is unfair , will share my troop info later . And what is meant by greet villager ?

Dev team doing changes to make game more interesting, appreciate for that but they need to consider whether that changes suitable for all players => eg once start the game and don’t hv troop level increase building ( forget that name lol ) or whom even unlock the S2 ? How do they do S3 ?

It is more appreciate if they increase the prices from valor challenges socially in free path as I don’t hv seen any atlantis coins

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Saving at least a single 1* would seem prudent, then. That way you can feed it to another Troop when needed.

Tapping on one, so it waves at you.


Oh no no no nonono. Troops are too complicated already. Leave them alone.


I just don’t like those quest appear during event or s2 quest appear during s3, etc.


My thoughts:

Overall, I like the challenges… but:

  • leveling troops is unfair as one has no chance to produce feeders.

  • personally, I find most harvester rewards useless. They might be of value for lower level players, but I don’t know any player at a higher level who farms for meat/iron.

  • the last avatars for female players were all behind a paywall. It would be nice if females got a free avatar as reward this time.


I see what the game is trying to do, show newer players about stacking and troop level and other things that veterans know well. I hope those players that don’t read the forums are able to learn something from this. For those that play often, it’s a fun chore.


Daily summons and farming provides troops to use for leveling. If you are worried then save all 1* troops from now until the next POV.


SG got fed up with all the whining about Telly, so decided to teach their players how to beat her :))


I thought of a new reward item for POV3. It would be a similar concept to the harvesters, but would work on energies. For instance, “10% reduction in regeneration time for WE for 24 hours”. It could be done for any and all of the Energies and even one that works for all 3.


Also let’s please not have the level troop mission please or make it really easy, like “level on troop”

I like the harvester… I farm for food and iron… I don’t care what lvl you are… emblems on 5 heroes at a time lvl up 5 heroes at a time crafting tornadoes building advanced buildings… how could anyone have any resources to spare?.. yeah I raid nonstop yeah I win a lot… now I am guilty of feeding 1* to max a hero but i just don’t have the patience :slight_smile:

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Does “level up any hero” as a monthly quest imply maxing him out? Because this could force some people to level 1 and 2 star heroes, because their 4 and 5 star projects take longer to complete… (Assuming we have tier one, level 1, tier two level 2, tier 3 level 3, or some such.)

It’s easy to get feeder troops from map levels, so if it’s similar to the current ‘level up heroes’ challenge, I don’t see it being that difficult. Unless you are very new to the game, but in that case POV is probably not of value.


Current POV challenge just means feeding the heroes- feed 5 heroes at least once. You don’t actually have to do a full level.

I like SG can still come up with new daily challenges. I’ll just say: Good job.


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