🧪 Early Information on the Path of Valor [Part of the Beta Beat v25 & v26]

For daily summon, it can be realistic but for troops summon, without gems, it’s impossible

Troops can come from daily summons and silver coins as well.


Yes I have forgotten this :slight_smile:

Daily Summons and Daily Summons Tokens ( silver ) have a 33.4% chance of a troop.


Is there a date for release or this is still being tested? The whole “Valor” thing

Release dates aren’t normally announced as part of Beta testing, particularly for a brand new feature.

But my guess is it’s likely this will go live before the end of the year, perhaps in late November/early December. It doesn’t seem like there would be a lot to delay it.

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Rumor says snow on base but no holiday lights or sleigh so probably December 1st is the target.

Unfortunately even Devs do not know if a stationary or moving target :smile:


I dont mind putting in time and effort for rewards. I resent paying cash to make my rewards not suck.


I thought daily summons tokens expire? Can you keep those as long as you want, like epic coins?

So if I am reading this portion correctly. You could wait until the last day of the Valor Event to decide if the premium rewards are worth the Premium Valor Pass purchase, and still receive the rewards?

Yeah, that’s what I feared this was going to be.

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Yes it seems everything new is designed mire towards the p2w thus I give it 12 months and that’s pretty much the only players that will be left here, lol.

But all looks interesting


Yeah, an escalation would encourage strong teams to prey on weak teams rather than taking on other strong teams in the war. That is detrimental to one’s alliance. And those dedicated tank busters get hosed over.

The free daily summons are time limited, as you have to use them each day, but the tokens can be saved as long as you want.

I’ve personally hoarded them multiple times, to a maximum of 400 at once.


It seems so.

This is typical for this sort of feature, from my understanding, and is a common marketing strategy.

“Look at all this good loot you’re about to miss out on if you don’t buy the Valor Pass!” is roughly the idea.


You talking emblems? Or you could see the “scope” you were rng-ed and be like… sure I’ll pay now… or hey not sure I need another axe for $4.99 “screw it”

This is nice. Gives a good opportunity to not throw down cash at the start without knowing if juice is worth the squeeze. I am excited to see how this new feature unfolds. I can definitely see both sides of p2p and f2p. I consider myself c2p as I enjoy the game alot. So spending a little to be able to be a little more competitive is worth it to me.


Kinda like the special offers they sell every once in awhile now… but you have to do 50 days of farming… wait it’s situation what we all pretty much do now.

Lol like a 50 day long titan/monster/hero chest

I’m going to start a new thread topic now… “ has anyone noticed they have nerfed Valor chest loot lately?”