🧪 Early information on the November 2020 HOTM (Glenda)


Raffaele bein phased out before players even get to feel the regret of maxing him


In case anyone isn’t catchin on…

A 9 tile kiril(or aegir if u have him maxed already) and a 9 tile glenda

Or 10 tile both if lackin any mana boosts

Will serve you a lot more than 1 Raffaele

So if you’re squattin on raff, save your scopes
Why get a slow heal + cleanse when you can get 2(or more) stackable buffs + cleanse + heals + damage at average mana…just sayin


(240% × 30% ) + 240% = 244.8%

Maybe it should be different 312% maybe.

I’m probably wrong. Please correct me if so.

Aaaagh… it’s useless! PLEASE do the maths. I obviously can’t. :persevere: Embarrassed

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This is the correct calculation. Also the logical one.

Unfortunately it seems the formula used is 240+30…


Great you noted this…

I also would write this LOL… :grinning:
But still I need troop lvl 23, currently my 3-blue mana:

  1. lvl 15
  2. lvl 5
  3. lvl 3 (I will bring to lvl 5).

I priority lvl5 because of avarage costumes, then I will continue to lvl my 1st troop.
Well, mean while I think I still will level Raffaele to 3.70 :+1:
And if I get Glenda, I will ascend Glenda 1st.
I’m not seeing stat for Raffaele at 3.70, but I think he is sturdy for map, etc…

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You see glenda bein a possibility for a defense team?

Cause with embs u could only need a lvl 17 troop


Yes, but she is wizard and need at level 19 (1250 emblem cost) :man_shrugging:
And also need support defdown and or attack buff to the teams to make stroger her AoE.
She has good attack stat, I agree :+1:

For me I don’t think so, I have my Wizzard for Proteus+19, Proteus+9, Kiril+6 (would likely my next project emblem to him), and the rest maybe for Onatel.

Compare with similiar:

No Hero Damage
1 Snow White (16 or more dispels) 3175.2
2 G. Owl (all allies KO’d) 2854.75
3 Ursena (HP>50%, yellow) 2766.4
4 Mok-Arr (yellow) 2593.5
5 Killhare 2223
6 Isarnia (costume equipped) 2215.95
7 Sir Roostley (if all enemies adjacent) 2178.4
8 Quintus (default, costume maxed) 2117.75
9 Quintus (default, no costume) 2016.9
10 Rumpelstiltskin (skull card) 1979.1
11 Atomos (enemies with full mana) 1979.1
12 Ursena (HP>50%, non-yellow) 1976
13 Isarnia (default, costume maxed) 1966.95
14 Vela (red) 1894.65
15 Quintus (costume equipped) 1889.4
16 Isarnia (default, no costume) 1872.95
17 Mok-Arr (blue, red, green) 1852.5
18 Glenda 1788
19 G. Kong 1729.2
20 Elena (default, maxed costume) 1715.88
21 Elena (default, no costume) 1634.18
22 Azlar 1625.65
23 Horghall (default, maxed costume) 1621.15
24 Horghall (default, no costume) 1543.95
25 Zeline (blue) 1529.528
26 Anzogh 1500.7
27 Horghall (costume equipped) 1485.65
28 Justice 1461.6
29 Elena (costume equipped) 1453.4
30 Grimble 1445.25
31 G. Owl (all allies alive) 1412.35
32 Snow White (no dispels) 1360.8
33 Ursena (HP<50%, yellow) 1330.42
34 Kadilen 1322.4
35 Marie-Thérèse 1300.32
36 Vela (non-red) 1114.5
37 Zimkitha 1106.7
38 Neith 1102.5
39 Atomos (enemy with zero mana) 1099.5
40 Zeline (non-blue) 1092.52
41 Yunan 994.98
42 Red Hood 954.99
43 Ursena (HP<50%, non-yellow) 950.3
44 Saint Nick 927
45 Telluria 796.9

source: :notebook: Direct Raw Damage - Hit all Enemies


Makes sense

9 tiles or 10 tiles, i still think her + a blue average mana healer is the wise way to go

Kiril charge in 9, she charges in 10, still close to simultaneous charge


If she was flank

Who would your wing beside her be?
Considering she buffs special skill att%, is the buff worth considering?

(I wont replace vela with her, just havin discussion to pass the time + idk who your blue defender is)

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He summons one when he dies. :rofl:

Zim - Glenda - Telluria - xxx - xxx

She is great alternative vela, I think. And Zimkitha does conflict with Vela emblems.

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pssst Kiril is made of paper haven’t you heard, how dare you compare him to a 5*?! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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Personally I don’t think Glenda will be released as is, unfortunately.


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No red tank stands a chance. Lol

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I am still going to max Raffaele as what I need is healer.


No if the current formula stays the same, instead of making it 130%, it only add 30%. So if the original special is 425%, it become 455%. (That is what happen in Caedmon’s special skill after getting +48% attack from Boldtusk, the end damage only increase by around 20%)

Pssst…still more useful than a slow hero…pay attention, you might learn somethin

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Eh would depend on the wing & the tank but yea in general wouldnt be more than usable on defense

Condolences about your scopes

My plan for him is unemblemed war healer. He is sturdy enough without emblems, that way I can save emblems for other heroes at the cost of 6 scopes, just like how I maxed Aeron and Vivica.

I still want 3 more 5* healers.

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Emblem C.Rigard x3 (used only 1k+) rather than lvl 18/19 Cleric 5 stars Hero
Thats it


As I said, I want to save emblems. I already have 1 Rigard+20, no costume.

Another 20 emblems in Mist and I also have Ariel who will get the remaining cleric emblems.

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