🧪 Early information on the November 2020 HOTM (Glenda)

Zulag has at least good design. Glenda is barely useful and ugly. Nice combo there.

Not same, ricard deal nearby within minor damage. Nearby within minor, the deal damage should be double.
Glenda raw damage deal 3x2,7x745 = 6034
Richard raw damage deal 2x4,15x644 = 5345

She is a balanced hero, I will definitely try to achieve it. The skill that I like the most is to dissipate ailments, I see it very useful.


Just because a female character is not sexualized once it doesn’t mean she’s “ugly” or somehow needs to be redone. Leave Glenda as a grandma fairy alone. M.North is also a grandma and nobody’s freaking out.


Will this prevent against a stack from Skadi’s attack?

Stacks are not status ailments. Glenda will prevent

This status effect is currently only placed by Mist and Onyx, and possibly soon by costume Sabina.

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Sorry i don’t get it correctly. So if stacks are not status ailments. Glenda Will receive a stack from skadi?

Sorry I was unclear. Yes, if Skadi kills at least one hero or minion with her special, then Glenda and the rest of the surviving team would get one of each stack per kill- one for frost dot, one for -mana generation.

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Oh, when she first came out in December 2018 as one of the seasonal quest bosses, a lot of my low-level fellow members DID freak out from her revive, heal and minion summoning that they hated the porridge she was cooking and bringing in those stages. We were making fun of the old grandma that it was talked about in the in-game chat for several days. Ahhh, those were the days. Life now in the game gets a lot more complicated due to several new heroes, in-game mechanics, etc.

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Me gusta tiene buena sensaciónes este heroe

I like it has a good feeling is this hero

Personally, I like her art. I don’t find her creepy either, and see it more as a mischievous smile with a hint of the sardonic added in. But then I’m a fan of gothic so maybe this just appeals to me more than the anime orientated art of some other cards.

Offensively, I can certainly find plenty of uses for Glenda. Average speed cleanse all, who can damage boost your big hitters and throw out Drake Fong level damage to 3. Throw in a level 23 mana troop to sync her up with the fast hitters and she’ll make a great utility hero for my roster.


She reminds me of the librarian from The Magicians.

reminder official forum language is English

Tengo ganas de probarla

I want to try it

You forgot one thing: Richard with a suit increases the base attack and damage percentage and becomes quick mana with an Lv5 troop of mana. That way leaves Glenda to see ships.

Drake causes 270% with fast and blind mana, now someone explain to me which Glenda logic with medium mana does the same damage?

Does Drake cleanse? Does Drake boost allies’ attack? Does Drake even have an element link? All this at fast would be a bit much IMO.

But she is ugly, at least to me.

Mother North looks like friendly grandma (though she gets much nastier names from me when she revives entire enemy’s team). Glenda on the other hand looks like an Evil Fairy Grandmother from Shrek. So maybe it’s just me because I’ve seen Shrek, but that’s it. Something about her face is off. Maybe it’s size of those eyes. I dunno.

Though I take back that she is useless. She does have unique skill, which may be helpful in Events. Blue cleanser could also have uses. But I am not going to chase her specifically.

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Drake has an elemental link, yes. In comparison, 99 out of 100 players would choose Drake over Glenda if they were of the same element. This already answers how much Glenda is inferior.

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I didn’t see that poll?


Why are people comparing Glenda to Drake?? Its like comparing apples to oranges. Different colours, different abilities. Only have in common attacking 3 target


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