🧪 Early Information on the March 2020 HOTM (Telluria)

the past few posts have been super interesting to me because I always hear the saying that

  1. red is lacking heavy hitters
  2. green tanks are not feasible

These two says seem contradictory and yet they seem to be universally agreed upon truths. How does it work?


Majority of posts seem to ignore upcoming season.
It’s like the elephant in the room…

I’m not an expert on anything, but trying to think forward,
looks like Tyr will shred & mock Telluria a lot…

Which are some of the specific red synergies you see as being a problem for Telluria? Granted her mana slow will probably go off first.

Her heal is weaker because she has so many other effects, including minions. The HoT is actually a big benefit because if you’re nearly at full health, it can keep you topped off each turn from incoming slash attacks. In addition, the minions can allow you to essentially overfill your health. Kunchen is a good healer, sure, but he’s often not healing to his full % heal unless you’ve already taken 600-700 in damage. If you’ve only taken 200 damage then his heal is pretty weak and only happens once. Personally, I think Telluria is a better healer than Kunchen

A certain red hero have very fast speed and high DoT with extra damage against nature. And DoT also increased by that extra damage.

Remove that hero and green tank will be feasible.

One thing that most people forget during debate in the other thread is that this red hero is offensive oriented while the new red one is defensive oriented.

I could not mention all of the potential synergies obviously, but I cant stress enough the burn to mention one, and top that with JFs Dot damage and Telluria will almost look like fuel to the fire than a healer. Heck, put in Guardian Falcon as well, and you have a firebomb even with tiles alone if you will.

However you had a really good point with Kunchen, who could lose out on potential healing if he heals a team with little damage done to them. But this got me thinking… If Telluria heals little each turn to a team with minor damage taken, and Kunchen heals best to a team that have taken major damage. Then this shows that Telluria would works best for an already strong damage resistant team. While Kunchen protects and brings up a more squishy team to higher potential than Telluria could.

Telluria or Kunchen might show their true potential at different tasks. The actual reason Im sceptical against Telluria is not because her abilitys are bad in any way, but that they seem to be spread to thin just as with Neith. If a hero got little of each, it then often turns out to be a mediocre performance because no abilitys that effect you will ever be overwhelming enough for you to counter. I think Telluria could shine with help of another healer, but not so much on her own.


Telluria on wing is not good, even in her initial release to Beta I would not have ever recommended her there.

Mana delay so late in the match won’t make a difference, and anyone can patiently charge their skills while taking meager damage from her to pick her off.

Telluria’s damage is bad. It was never really meant to be the selling point of her skill anyways, but just to show how bad her damage is:

She hits all enemies for less damage than the weakest hit-all 4* hero, and just slightly harder than the strongest hit-all 3* hero.

But again, her damage has never been her selling point, even initial beta release. Her support to improve her teams longevity through mana delay + HoT and minion combo is her main selling point.


What would be a better position for Telluria? Left flank? Right flank? :slight_smile:

Tank is the best spot for her, but if you’d rather keep your Ursena / Guinevere / etc. then left flank is usually better so her minions can protect her team against counter-attack buffs

As I highlighted her hit to all enemies is weak. Against counter-attack heroes this is kind-of a buff though, as she doesn’t take much counter damage.

She can work either flank though. Depends on your other flank.

Tank or Flank, Wing just if you have Guinevere.

Natalya, Azlar, Santa, GM, Marjana, Zimkitha and Jean-Francios are all the reasons why having a green tank is hard, if not impossible. The only real hitters amongst those are GM, Marjana and Zim, but they aren’t the most dangerous. Natalya completely destroys red tanks and Zim can correct most negative effects a green tank can dish out.

Don’t even get me started on neutral and weak elemental counters (looking at Alasie and Perseus).

I feel like a lot of the discussion is centred around counters to telluria but all of these things are based entirely on things going as planned and that is the biggest flaw in every negative analysis I have read so far.

There is one truth in E&P raids that is undeniable. If you put together your attack team properly and everything goes according to plan you will always win regardless of how good the defence team is. Setting up a defence team in E&P is about how well you can punish a bad board and how uncomfortable you can make team selection.

Don’t be fooled. Telluria will make a great tank. Especially now that Vela is around to punish stacking red.

Green tanks right now are scarce not only because of the counters out there. The real reason is that Yunan is the only really good option and he is hard to get your hands on. Secondly green is loaded with excellent heroes for other spots. Would you really drop kingston, lianna, Zeline, Eve, Mn, Albe etc from you defence in favor of Elkanen? Yunan if you are lucky? Gravemaker is also a huge part of it. The kind of damage he can do against a green tank at very fast is just too much if your only good tank is slow. If he was yellow you could be certain that Kunchen would be a lot less popular.


I don’t have anything to back this up except anecdote, but in the overwhelming majority of cases the enemy tank is more likely to either die from tile damage, or be severely damaged by tile damage and not need a full on sniper to finish them off. The specials will come more into play for the flanks and wings, and red has some pretty good utility and diffuse damage heroes that others have mentioned above which fare much better against the flanks and wings where burns or a series of moderate damage AoE have time to really play out fully.


They are currently the only healers I see as viable on defense currently. This is probably sacrilege, but even then I feel that they are overrated and I do not really fear them in wars. I highly suspect that Zeline and likely Lianna and King all have higher winrates in similar team strengths and builds.

I was once told by a certain late moderator (after the graphic was released by SG about what the top performing defenders in Plat and Diamond were) that they had more access to those stats. If this is true, perhaps @zephyr1 or @DaveCozy can take a gander at diamond win rates for MN/Alby vs Zeline/Lianna and shed some more light

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I’m not sure which moderator comment you’re referring to, but we’ve never had any access to any internal data for Raid win rates.

Only SG could answer that.


G was the one that told me, or implied this to me. Tried to find our old line chat for the specifics, but I think I may have removed it as he has been gone quite a while. I just checked the original thread, and Petri has you and G listed for thanks for help with stats input

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We gave input on which stats would likely be of interest to players (which is where most of the items in the Raid Index came from), but the actual data came entirely from SG.


Telluria and puss n boots will go nicely together


Interesting. I’m wondering if he meant he could ask them to dig out stats.


That seems likely…wish he were here to answer himself. :cry:


Entirely possible that I misinterpreted what he meant. I had just had my second kiddo in May and was sleeping like 2 hours/ day at that point.

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