🧪 Early information on the February 2022 HOTM -- Iris

when it concerns attack buffs, yes this scenario is possible. But with all def buffs, counterstrike and the llike it works OK, she dispells them before your attack. So she’s not so underpowered as it would seem.

It depens of the buff.
If Elena skills she had a reposte. But, at the end of her turn, it’s dispelled. So her reposte is null.
At the other hand if Boldtusk skills and there is an attack buff, if an enemy attacks before the end of that turn, the attack buff is effective.

It’s like Francine’s special

Of course, forgot about counterstrikes.

Yeah I dont think of repost as a buff. I tend to only think of defence and attack up.

Let’s hope by next week when they release announcements they include a buff to her DispOT to the target and nearby enemies or being AOE DispOT. I cannot believe she will be released in this state, she is almost useless like this.

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What about instead of three turns of dispel, she dispels once and then will dispel that target’s next buffs regardless of how many turns it takes for those buffs to appear? Something unique like that.

i don’t understand why this hero is so timidly constructed. it’s like a converse of Francine, except that i don’t know why they allow Francine’s buff to be on a fast hero that applies to all allies while Iris’ ailment is at fast speed and only applies to the target.

the damage is whatever. release Faline and then buff her but put out this paper thin attacker.

i’ve seen some comments about Iris being an anti-Taunt hero; i doubt this would be very effective against Krampus and Ludwig. allowing Krampus to get all his buffs includes the undispellable defense buff, so even if taunt is gone, Krampus will be that much more difficult to take down. Ludwig has the family bonus that gives him a chance to make cast buffs undispellable, so at that point, the taunt might still be in effect even if Iris fires against Ludwig first. C. Sabina is a superior counter compared to Iris.

expand her ailment to affect all enemies at fast speed, and then we’ll talk.

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I leveled noor… So I’ll probably level iris… But if I don’t get her… So be it. She doesn’t affect the number of pulls I do next month at all.

Agreed. With her on defense, I like to have them all go off in 9 tiles if I am going mono… So I can buff everyone and they hit at full strength, and then her dispel reduces one. It is such a wet paper bag.

You just have to wonder why they think DispOT is going to be so OP that they restrict it to one target, because it’s really not. Francine’s COT is just there. It’s a nice skill to use, but not groundbreaking at the slightest

Want to bet that if she was S4, the DispOT will be AOE? They really treat HOTMs like crap. SMH


Agreed, restricting the dispel to only the target ends up making Iris barely better than Reuben, and that isn’t saying much. Dispel to the 3 hit enemies please SGG, it isn’t an OP ability and won’t turn Iris into a pre-nerf Telluria.


no one will pull for taunter and they are top catch in each portal so its bit NO.
This is as it should be niche for rush war vs taunters.

I went against Ludwig and Krampus and both taunts were active and Sabina dispelled both… So if a 4* can do that… No reason a new 5* hotm cannot do that as well. Hell… Sign me up for… Dispels taunt and prevents hero from acquiring taunt for the next 5 turns. I’d buy into that.


DispOT is really inferior, if you want to negate enemy buffs on a single target, you might as well just use malosi at this point. And this is an almost 2 year old hero by now
But a malosi type of AOE would be too powerful for fast, even if its a hit 3 effect. The only way DispOT could stand differently from buff blocker would be if DispOT would to hit AOE. That’s the only way
Pray for this hero for a buff


i disagree. the major difference between Malosi and Iris’s proposed special is that Malosi prevents a hero from ever being able to cast any sort of buffs or ailments, regardless of whether it affects target only, target and nearby, all enemies, or any number of allies; meanwhile, Iris will still allow the target to receive buffs, but they’ll be dispelled at the end of the turn, so they can still benefit from having the buffs until they’re dispelled.

imo, i think C. Sabina is a reasonable hero at average speed because she’s a 4* hero, so her speed accounts for her having a powerful effect, with buff immunity to all enemies, and she dispels. her special has nice synergy with itself because it can remove active buffs and prevent future ones.

i don’t see why Iris can’t have her special affect all enemies at fast speed, especially because the nerf in her card would be her damage. not to mention, i can see SG adding more cards to the game that would make that part of her special obsolete because of innate resistance to dispels (Margaret, Devana) or heroes that prevent dispels (C. Belith, Brynhild, Zircon). heck, even just let her special affect all hit targets and not just a single target.

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I think that should not happen. Sabina should only dispel one of the taunters if both are active. I’ve done it and have only seen one dispelled.

She will dispel both taunters. Any dispeller who dispels multiple heroes will.


I swear I’ve dispelled Ludwig only for C Krampus to take over as the taunter on the same turn. Going to have to try this again myself. Logically it really only should be one who gets dispelled.

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it dispell both just as one would hit both if its a “hit all” hero

she can only dispell the latest taunter. the other will still be active

No, she dispels both taunters. Melendor does it too.

The only reason I see for her not being able to do it is if one of the taunters is Ludwig and there are other members of the Wolf family present. Family bonus gives a chance to make Ludwig’s taunt undispellable.


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