🧪 Early information on the December 2020 HOTM (Reuben)

Khagan’s costume will make him a beast. I wouldn’t trash Khagan till you see the upgrade.

Rarity: Legendary/5*
Power: 798
Attack: 761
Defense: 691
HP: 1529

Class: Barbarian
Element: :fire: Fire (Red)

Mana Speed: Slow

Special Skill: Conqueror’s Command

  • Deals 514% damage to the target
  • All allies get +12% mana generation for 5 turns.
  • All allies get +46% defence for 5 turns.

slow reds Khagan or elena have more impact than noor
even if you are f2p you shouldnt waste 6 rings on noor

ruben is as useless as noor, but still for a f2p its better to ascend a 2nd or a 3rd marjana than ruben

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Reuben is December’s hotm, so December is when he’ll come out. Hotm is not directly tied to PoV.

No but the avatars for December and Jan will be L50 prizes

hes still slow. even with costume bonus…meh.

Reuben will be solid but unspectacular. Lot of hate being generated, and I love it. To say he has no use is kinda silly.

Unless you have a combination of 6 graz/vanda, he definitely occupies a lower Fire lineup against DoT heavy squads. Being a touch slower you could even run him in the same line and he could soften any blow not absorbed by the block.

Hes not a world beater, but after the Telly Vela fiasco they wont be making any more of them HOTM. Gone are the days of Drake, Seshat, Alasie, etc etc.


He strikes me as a parallel to regular kadilen or even an updated kadilen. Both are fast aoe and add some form of defence. kadilen has more practical utility while Reuben hits harder and has more stuff. Kadilen tank can already punish bad boards, so Reuben is going to hit harder. Would actually prefer him to be tankier. But with his current stats I think he benefits as a suicide tank but needs support from powerful flanks. On paper he might seem dated because his one role is rendered useless now (cough telly cough) but is it really the case?
Innate and talent abilites are redundant as well though
He’s also a niche against hard to counter DOTs like Natalya and Morgan le fay.

Reuben only have splash hit not AoE…

If he is buffed into AoE without reducing the damage, I will pull for him.

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Oh shoot, I always thought he’s aoe for the longest time, darn it. Never mind then. No wonder with all the rants about him. I’m always wondering why are people complaining about a fast, hard hitting AOE. Now I know…

She is useful. Happy to argue that. Or even happy to argue that she is a woman. Your choice :slight_smile:


Oh god he’s no different from thoth-amun with a ■■■■■■■■ minion now. Jeez…why is SG recycling old content again?

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SG please do it, this is really the only buff he needs

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Wow I just checked, he and Thoth have the exact same attack and Def stats. Are we also going to get nature, ice and holy Thoth amun reskins in the future?

Hero Attack Defense HP
Reuben 760 731 1310
Thoth-Amun 731 694 1361
Thoth-Amun V2 760 731 1283

I think it is not the same or maybe I didn’t know Thoth-Amun already get buffed? I don’t have Thoth-Amun.

EDIT: Well, correct, Thoth-Amun already buffed. In my sheets (based on @Guvnor data) and also allheroes.eu still not yet updated.

EDIT2: I copied from this thread:
:information_source: Thoth-Amun – 5* Dark/Purple - Nov 2017 HotM
The stat text is like reuben, but the image is still old data. So, I’m not sure here. Any one have Thoth-Amun can confirm?

EDIT3: It seems the 2nd version Thoth-Amun stat is not valid. Thanks @amrath.

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Believe that the text is correct. The images just take longer to update as they have to be done manually; plus Lumi has had a fair bit going on so the Cards have taken a bit of a back seat :slight_smile:

Will have to look into it specifically tho.

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Thoth buffed? @Guvnor

I don’t see it in the release note.

Hmm maybe not. I’ll have to look into it a bit more about where the numbers are pulling from.

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Here’s the most recent card I have…

It shows the old stats. I recently copied it from the Legends portal.


Thanks, I’ll go and update the Thoth thread now.

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Sorry but NO noor is totally useless
-she is slow while Bera and freya are fast for about same minions stats but freya and bera have better 2nd effects
-with minions war their minions can be replaced by the hordes, imagine charging a slow but then 2 turns later noor’s 20% minions are replaced by a 5% minions
-We have many minion counters now, a slow heroe is supposed to be “game changer” if you manage to charge her, but Noor does nothing and can be easily countered
Better run an azlar, he would have much better impact if you charge him

reuben isnt as bad as noor, but he’s going to join Toth at the museum of worthless heroes


I have stripped my Scarlett to boost my Francine. Now if i make to pull Reuben he may replace Scarlett in my red stacks, although i have better reds to ascend first.

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