🧪 Early information on the December 2020 HOTM (Reuben)

Reuben is useless :frowning: again a boring HotM


He is a 5* Scarlett :wink:

Basically, there are no 5* red who deal damage to 3 at fast speed. Gravemaker is a dot…

So even in weak form as he is, he has some use.

Marjana costume will change that


That’s factually inaccurate


Yep, forgot Kestrel.

Still, Hotm is alot more available than 2x a year portal with 1/5 chance to get picked at 1% chance.

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Yeah that’s right. It’s like a stacking AOE and you can’t cleanse or avoid her special. Correct me if I’m wrong.

Scarlett has a very usefull effect, she lowers attacks for 6 turns, its huge
Ruben lowers only DOT, its meh
He should have a cleanse for all allies to make him a decent hero

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He is even more meh for those who own Grazul and/or Vanda. Im one of the lucky people who own both and thats why i wont chase Reuben.

I feel the same way.
If he had an additional skill like debuffing enemies, I would have been chasing him.
Unfortunately he doesn’t, which will make me skip the month of December in pulls

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Only downside is Jan is a slow hero and while I used her a bit in beta she’s slow. Not a huge fan. Too bad the yellow hotm isn’t January for those who want to use ehts like me!

But for those who don’t have Grazul, Zim or Vanda. It will be useful to cushion the damage until Rigard activates. I really need it. Unfortunately I was not so lucky

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6 rings just for a little dot reduction…no way, there is too many great red heroes to waste it on him
its like those who used their rings on noor trying to argue that he is usefull
just wait for a better red

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Some people don’t have any event hero and they will do reuben or noor always no matter how good/bad he is compared to others. Still better than khagan.
There is no guarantee they will recive anything better playing F2P or even C2P…

This may not be the best hotm released or the best red around but for someone who has a limited roster he will be a good addition.

I dont have good 5☆ clerics , so if i pull him, by the time i can ascend him, when maxed if not other better cleric around in my roster , then i could emblem him a little bit to pump his damage. Otherwise it seems to be on the weak side.

I use my full attack emblemed scarlett. With close to 900 attack she does much more damage than Reunen but is squishy so she dies early in a match.

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Leaked image of December’s HOTM Reuben


:rofl::rofl::rofl: damn, I really thought someone leaked the guy!

Oh my word, that looks tasty.

We will see what he looks like as soon as the new POV opens tomorrow

Tomorrow ? More like 25 minutes ? :rofl:

Wonder how long it will take someone to summon him?

In my time zone the POV starts at midnight so it is tomorrow lol

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Starts at 08:00 for me, which is annoying as I start work at 07:00.

(Work Sat so off today)

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