🧪 Early information on the December 2020 HOTM (Reuben)

Yep. Basically almost the same with Thoth. Unfortunately for the latter, there were already many strong yellow heroes that he is made irrelevant.

I’d rather have Thoth-Amun, actually. He at least makes a minion worth having. Usable warlocks are also harder to find & put emblems on.

Yeah… If you ask me, they made someone worse than Thoth :joy:

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I haven’t bothered to compare these two heroes till now because I felt they were both lackluster, but now that Glenda has actually been released, I gotta say she’s better than Reuben. Her special does more damage, and she’ll completely remove any DoT, not just reduce it by 50%.

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Nevermind about terminology. The point is Reuben skill’s compared to Evelyn’s skill is weaker in 2 aspect that I have pointed out.

Not all aspects worth the same. Cleanse herself is very minor while steal mana is major. Imo, Onatel: 1 + 2 + 0.25 + 0.1 (resistance) = 3.35: Rana: 1 + 1 + 1 + 0.2 + 0.1 (family bonus) = 3.3

Reuben: 1 + 0.5 + 0.15 + 0.1 = 1.75
Evelyn: 1 + 1.5 + 1 + 0.25 = 2.75

If you are still interseting about “class” lets just say a class worth 0.5…

Noor with 20% minion attack deal around 20.

Maybe I’m thinking about this wrong, but Noor deals much more dmg than that. Which means Reuben’s minions deal more dmg than what we’re talking about here. Let’s ask @Homaclese. :slightly_smiling_face:

Noor has 25% attack.

From what I can see the range is from 7 (vs blue, weak element) to about 25 (vs green, strong element) with neutral elements about 11-19 depending on opponent defense and rng

With an elemental D down from G Falcon I have seen it reach around 50


I’d expect the damage to be pretty linear at these low attack values, so 3-8 for base level damage from a 10% minion seems right.

Yeah. I am now convinced that minions with +5% attack and health is not that good.

While we’re on this, yellow has no dispeller either. I guess Malosi and Mist come close as they block buffs pre-emptively, but no yellow hero dispels after the fact.

Vivica dispels…well costume does.

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Right forgot about cViv. But just like that huge argument above about Zim and Kong, how common is cViv? Blue and green we have Sonya and Caedmon/Melendor, S1 4* that everybody will get at some point. Purple there’s Sabina and Domitia, both TC20 heroes, with Sabina being a 4* that should be much easier to come by. But no trainable yellow dispeller (or even S2/S3 4*) for that matter.

Every colors have its specifict, ups and downs. We don’t need to change that otherwise the game would be boring.

This HOTM should add dispel tho. Too weak.
Anyway it’s not gonna happened anyway. Lol
Welcome another Low Tier HOTM

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I think Reuben is a counter to Skadi’s DOT

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@Duckman4903 how are you? Can u access ur account now?

Skadi is a stack not DoT, i think skadi stack will still incureable

Oh yes thanks for asking

Ruben is a counter for nothing, low damage and almost useless 2nd effect
Wanted to pull on december but will save my money, reds have much better heroes and dont want him to show up if i make a x100 pull


Reuben is useless :frowning: again a boring HotM


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