🧪 Early information on the December 2020 HOTM (Reuben)

SG gave us another red cleanse. The problem is that , as far i could test it, the hero is really lackluster. Maybe with emblems we can achieve something like a red Aeron but no.

Im talking about Shale.

And sorry, lets continue talking about Reuben.
Personally, i find him an usefull support red with a nice speed (fast) and some damage (Scarlett style) so, not mind blowing, but still usable.


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Agreed, we all knew what you meant in your statement (probably even Ultra although this seems to be a huge deal to him/her for some reason). At this stage in the game, I don’t have a red cleanser, and it would be extremely unlikely for me to pick up Kong (0.2% chance) or Zimkithia (0.3% chance). My chances of picking up a red char (Reuben) to help with that role next month is WAY better, since I’ll have a 1.3% chance on the various events I plan on pulling on.


The Facts are:
Yellow have camp hero: Vivica
Purple have 4* and also camp hero: Rigard
Blue have 4*: C.Sonya
Green have 4*: C.Caedmon

Red do not have 4* nor camp cleanser before Ninja.

Ask SG to count existing cleanser in the meta, red will be far the lowest.

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I am not attacking you. Why would I? I don’t care about you. I was just responding when you quoted me. Read above. I do understand what you mean even if you blatantly stated that there is a lack of red cleansers. I am just pointing out your conflicting statements and highlighted what you mean:

All you need to say was that. Not to quote me every now and then just to make a conflicting declaration.

I forgot about this new red 4* cleanser.

Maybe I was just confused him stating that the reds lacked cleansers AFTER I made a post stating there are 2, discounting them entirely. “Lacking” is entirely different from “not easily and readily available”.

I, too, don’t have Kong. He is the only Teltoc Guardian I don’t have and my only chance getting him is from Hero Academy since I am not going to visit the Teltoc portal anymore. Zim? I don’t have her either. Free pulls in Legends portal and retraining in Hero Academy may net me both but the chances are very very very slim. But RNG be RNG.

May I know how you were able to come up with this number?

Such is akin to Myztero chances getting him.

Thanks. I was starting to think I’ve said something else. LMAO maybe it need some calm down medicine. It’s barely Monday and it’s already freaking out about 2 heroes and their availability on this game. Whatever. Not on me :rofl:

Great list, Yelnats. Maybe it’s easier to visualize now. That’s why I think we could use a red nearby clean or dispell, specially on Reuben weak skill. Plus, all those screams and dilemma on Reub in this thread just proves that. But if SGG thinks it’s not cool, poor us and life goes on. :blush:

Isn’t there a red 4* cleanser in ninja? What is her name?

She is underwhelming though because to cleanse all allies she need 15 puzzles.

And red still have no dispeller. Please SG, turn Reuben into one.

Then let’s request for buffs to Reuben to be a cleanser then to add more to the pool of cleansers. All I am saying is that “lacking” is totally different from “not readily and easily accessible”. But it would be a fact that blue, red, yellow and purple lack heroes that resurrect as green is hoarding them all 3.

I prefer they add dispel than cleanse because red practically have zero dispel.

Dispel is essential feature, not luxury such as ressurection.


Nah. I prefer Reuben as is. Not too powerful, not too underwhelming. The way it should be for a free bonus draw. SG would be wary of creating OP heroes now.

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He is 2 class below Evelyn in the current state.

First, his buff is weaker than Evelyn’s ailemnt.

Second, Evelyn have dispel.

Can we just have heroes that differ from one another? Why do we need to have heroes to have almost the same skills and effects? But I would find it more logical if the costumes for Marjana and Leonidas should have dispel effects to be consistent with Frida, Evelyn and Panther.


Differ, not weaker, I never ask Reuben to have ailment like Evelyn. I only want they add dispel so Reuben will only be 1 class below Evelyn, not 2 class like currently is.

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When you say 1 or 2 class below a hero, what does it mean? All I know is that they are of the same rarity, that is, both are legendary heroes with stats and/or skills qualified for such rarity.

Comparing the two, Evelyn has 727 attack, 712 defense, 1355 health, 768 power, and skills that does 3 things (deals 210% damage to 3, elemental defense debuff and dispel to 3) whereas Reuben (beta) has 760 attack, 731 defense, 1310 health, for some reason an unadvertised hero power (but I assume he has more than Evelyn since recent HOTMs have higher hero power than their previous counterparts, i.e. Glenda has 780) and skills that does 2 things (deals 215% damage to 3 and reduces DoT received by allies). Both are fast and have their respective Element Link but Reuben’s is superior than Eve’s by reason that the minions also attack. In evaluating the attack and defense stats and percent damage multiplier, Reuben gains the upper hand by a significant margin. On top of that, Reuban has an innate ability absent from the second generation of HOTMs.

Now, where is that class you are talking about? Number of things their skills can do? But isn’t that somewhat balanced by reason of Reuben’s better overall stats? I am confused. Kindly elucidate me.

The issue with Reuben is that by the time he releases, he’ll already be obsolete. Without a DoT-heavy defense meta that was GTV, he’ll be nothing but a red Thoth-Amun. And we all know the value of that hero.


The skill is 2 class below:

Reuben elemental link is more of weakness than strength. 5% minion HP is a joke, it is easily killed negating its 5% attack, do not work well with sturdy minion summoner as it can replace high HP minion with low HP minion, and it also add fuel towards the like of Skadi and anti-minions.

yeah totally agree, these minions are totally useless considering current meta withmany great minion counters
And not to mention that these heroes because useless for all events and titans coz minions animation make you loose too much time

Ruben is basically another toth amun like, low dmg skills, almost useless 2nd skill

I’ll also point out that the minions will do… What, 8 damage per shot? I’m not even exaggerating. The minion damage is merely decorative.

I like Evelyn & panther for the other stuff they do, not the damage. Their damage is not the attractive part. Reuben is essentially missing this whole main section.
(Edit: Their damage isn’t really shabby, and it’s probably half the skill at least. Their damage output isn’t bad. But comparing Reuben to them is like adding 20-30% damage to Caedmon and removing his dispel effect)


Errrrr… I am really finding it difficult understanding what this “class” you are talking about as I havent heard or read it or must have missed it here in the forum or in any other platform. Is it because Reuben only does 3 things (deals damage to 3, reduce DoT damage and Elemental Link) while Evelyn does 4 (deals damage to 3, debuffs elemental defense to 3, dispels 3 and EL) that you classified Reuben 2 classes below Evelyn (I am assuming that since both do damage to 3 and can be negated, and that the DoT reduction of Reuben is inferior Eve’s elemental defense debuff and is considering it as a “class”) since the latter has (1) dispel and (2) has superior secondary skill. This is just like chalking to the notion that if the hero’s skillset does more compared to another hero, its just a matter of subtracting the number of skills and the difference would be the “class”. If so, then Onatel (deals damage to 3, steals mana and EL) would have been at least a class lower than Rana (deals damage to 3, deals DoT to 3, reduces the healing received by 3, and cleanses herself). I dont know about that.

Well, there may be a lot of heroes that counter minion summoners, but the thing is, not all have the likes of Skadi (very low chance of summoning at the S3 portal), Noor (many threads requesting for her to be buffed because of her slow mana), Grimble, etc. But even with minions that have 5% attack and defense, it still provides meat shield and a little attack at a fast mana hero.

At any rate, I am not saying that Reuben is better than Evelyn. They have different functions and roles in every player’s roster since not all have the same heroes and troops, does not have the same needs, does not have the same resources to summon heroes using gems, etc. If only Telly and Vela were not nerfed, he would have been a nice addition to a player’s red stack against the GTV defense trio. But I do think that we are dismissing Reuben’s better overall stats and skill damage.

I have very limited minion summoners. But 8 damage per shot? I’ll have to verify on that first with my other heroes and make an approximation.

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My Telluria’s minions do 13% damage per shot, and I ignore it. Reuben’s minions only do 5%. Reuben’s got a higher attack stat, but still…

Edit: Oh, wait, it’s 10% damage on Reuben’s minions & not 5%… I keep thinking 5% HP & ATK for some reason, sry

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