🧪 Early Information on ROUND 3 Legendary Season 3 Heroes (Lady Loki, Bera, Frigg) [Part of The Beta Beat V29 & V30]

Easy there.

“150% plus 7% for each effect, up to 264%”
And effects will be relocated ? Thats awesome.

Only very needes to know is, how the random relocating works.

If i ban velas water damage from my 5 heroes, and the enemy has 5 left.
Is it guaranteed that each enemy gets the debuff, or can the relocation overwrite the effect, like “worst case, it sets 5 of the same effect on the same hero, overwriting each time” ?

I’ve assumed that will be rainbow Loki, he’s the trickster after all. And will be nice to see a rainbow Loki team.


Salmon Loki seems fun but should not be a monk. Too many great monks already - make hom a wizard or sorcerer or maybe even druid instead!!!

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I saw version with 159% base damage, so I guess they changed it and then forgot to change total dmg also :wink:

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Beta Update

Balance / Clarification Changes:

  • Lady Loki – description clarified
  • Frigg
    • Mana speed changed: fast -> average
    • further defense decrease per green shield changed: -6% -> -4%
    • maximum defense decrease cap changed: -56% -> -44%

Top post has been updated with the balance changes.


@DaveCozy I was going to put the Rare and Epic Heroes in a separate thread.


Ask and ye shall receive apparently…

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Beta Update

In addition to the updates to the new Legendary Season 3 Heroes, new Rare & Epic Season 3 Heroes have been added.

Details are available here:

=> 🧪 Early Information on NEW Rare & Epic Season 3 Heroes [Part of The Beta Beat V29]


I’m not exactly happy with the nerf Frigg got.

She went from being a green version of Finley to an inconsistent green defense dropper.

  • 10 tiles to charge her skill (9 if mana troop or mana buffed).

  • Now needs 6 additional green tiles minimum left in the board after charging her, to cast -32% defense minimum to all enemies

  • Defense debuff caps at -44% and requires 9 additional green tiles left after charging her

Simply put, she’s now a lot of work to get a good advantage out of her.

If she stays like this, I’d personally rather bring Buddy, who only needs to charge and fire for the same reward to 3 enemies (which is still pretty good).

The time spent manipulating the board trying to get those additional tiles to increase Frigg’s defense debuff and to charge her at average speed, could’ve been spent charging and firing slower heroes like Isarnia, Kunchen or Santa – possibly even using their skills sooner than Frigg and just as effective.


I’m fustraited in the way a perfectly good ok Excellent 5* could be ruined so easily with these tweaks, I suggest a poll be implemented in beta as to what aspects of a hero needs nerfing or buffing, I’m also in beta and I didn’t read anybody wanting all this !!! Frigg has become a glorified 4* nolonger fit for purpose, more of a support hero rather than a front runner and less desirable than the new 4* Almur

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I think she’s great if you #Wumolo amirite?

Insert deep deep notes of sarcasm


Well there’s still time for her to be adjusted.

And judging by the feedback so far, it seems like most players agree that she needs something back – whether it’s keeping her debuff as is but bringing her back to fast speed, or keeping her at average but bringing her bigger debuff back.

I think the first version of Frigg was much too strong for fast speed – she was essentially a more rewarding Finley which was nuts.

But I would’ve settled for just a nerf to average speed myself, since then she’d need 2 more tiles to get a good benefit from her skill; that would have made a significant difference but still kept her as a good hero that relied on player skill.

Now she is super reliant on player skill and a bit of luck on top of that; she needs an extra 4 more tiles – 2 more to charge and 2 more to drop defense by a notable amount – which can end up costing you enough turns to make her not only difficult to use, but also less rewarding than existing heroes.


Seems like they should have reduced the speed OR the effect. Not both. I certainly think it needed some change, but not that much.

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Im imagining the raging nerf frigg threads if she was reverted back. Definitely underwhelming currently, but completely broken before

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What was so threatening from her that caused her to get changed so drastically, so quickly? Was she that good?

I concur she was a Beast but all these nerfs are totally out of context of what the people want.
Being that she’ll only be available at the Vahalla portal monthly at a (correct me if I’m wrong 0.3) chance and a being added to Rouge category thats less populated she deserves to be a little special if you ask me.
Decrease her Atk stats 20% max
And decrease her Debuff slightly from 56% to 44% I can live with .

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