🧪 Early Information on ROUND 3 Legendary Season 3 Heroes (Lady Loki, Bera, Frigg) [Part of The Beta Beat V29 & V30]

By green “shields” they actually mean green “tiles”, right?


Yes that is what they mean. It’s also what would make Ratatoskr and Frigg a great pairing. She lowers def based on green tiles while Rat raises attack on those same green tiles.

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Maybe we’ll get Kid Loki too?



That confirmed, or just a thought? Isn’t a shield a match-4? Drawing a mind blank on its normal term.

If it truly means a shield, not very powerful special at all…

Those are dragons. If you actually look at the “tiles”, they are all different shaped shields.

Also, shields make it mote powerful than dragons because dragons are way mote rare

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Yes a green shield is a green tile. Ratatoskrs special mentions the same thing and I have him. When his special is activated all the green tiles on the board currently show attck increase. And the power of the special is reliant on green shields on the board so less green tiles equals less powerful but more tiles means more powerful. Taking advantage of the board is critical. Potential for -54 def is part of what is a great special altogether.

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Gotcha - thanks!

20 shields…

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Shields is the official term.

“Tiles” are what players have nicknamed them.

If you look at the items, they are shaped like the traditional shields :slight_smile: hence the term.


They are shields in picture, but tiles when you play😁

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The buff block is the same as Mist’s, so it’s worse than Malosi’s block functionally.

Frigg only prevents all enemies from getting buffs, but they can still use their ailments on you – Malosi on the other hand blocks all status effects from being casted by that target he hits.

She’s more like a green Finley, relying on the board rather than on enemy buffs and with much greater reward (which I think is insane).

You don’t really need to wait for the full 8 green shields to make best use of her.

Really, you only need 4 extra green tiles (-32%) to have yourself a fast costumed Tiburtus – the difference between -32% and -34% is negligible, though granted c. Tibs can also be fast with lvl 5 mana troop.

With 5 extra green tiles (-38%) or 6 extra green tiles (-44%) she’s even better and that’s more realistic to accomplish too.

Personally I don’t see why she should go over -44% defense down at fast speed… I think that she should just cap there (given the condition is tied to the board). At that point, she’s going to do enough damage, more than that is just overkill for offense and feels gross to fight on defense.


Imma call it now: Lokitron will be the final boss of S3.


Pretty disappointing, though not at all surprising. This and Round 2 have only had five stars, which the game (and I mean the actual game, not the revenue stream) doesn’t really need more of. Not a single 3 or 4 star addition - poorly done, SGG.


You deserve a Loki card :wink:

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been hoarding my S3 token. Now up to 15. Waiting till there are more S3 in the stack hoping to decrease the S1 trash. It is really hard sitting on my hand but dis try once and got My brother the friendly beekeepers units BUZZZZZZ

It doesn’t work that way, you know. How many S3 heroes are available to pull has absolutely no impact on the chances of pulling one vs a s1 hero.

What does change are the odds of pulling a PARTICULAR hero of a PARTICULAR rarity. As more s3 3 star heroes are released (and eventually there will be more… we hope), the odds of getting Kvasir if you get a S3 3 star will decrease.


aslo as there are more S3 hero’s available hopefully balance out the odd of getting any S3 vs many S1

Maybe I am a stickler but how come this math doesn’t work: 264 (max dmg) -150 (base dmg) = 114…114/7 (incremental damage increase per effect) = 16.3…I feel like it should come to a whole number for some reason, like cap it at 262 or 269 :wink:


By the way: Frigg - Nature element, deals damage per nature shield…

Reminds me of her quote in Avengers:Endgame:

“Eat a Salad!”

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Seems like another Neith tickling hitter lol.
That’s 7% increasing is quite sad compare to Frigg with increased 22%

This Lady Loki really should be Buff cause she is on Average Speed unless it’s changed to Fast.

Again, this is not at all how it works.

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