🧪 Early Information on Round 2 of Tower of Styx Heroes [Part of The Beta Beat v50]

my bad, but still, the 55% from MN only worries me in VF wars, wont be the case (not saying isnt a great hero, only giving mt perspective in the 60%)

the problem is all the rest of the spell

Looking forward to get these interesting 3s and 4s

I think that we will need more quests that give us more ascension materials

So many heroes for leveling

I need a lot of tabards for Khonshu, Goseck and Nyx


Is Charon the guy from SE (the one with coins)?

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Yes, he is the character from SE :slight_smile:


Wow, these 3 heroes are going to be so OP at War offense.


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Strong heroes. I’d be happy with any of the 4*s

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My two cents below.

  • Charon - 2nd charge super helpful. Average speed purple reviver.

  • Erebus - 1st charge most helpful imo… essentially a very fast sniper. Otherwise not too keen

  • Thanatos - 2nd charge is the poor man version of Xno. But he will pair well with all other average speed hero who may not have a lvl 23 mana troops. 3 matches will get Thanatos charged and that 10% additional mana will be just enough to get everyone else charged

  • Amphirite - Like her in general. Shall pair well with Morel in 1-2 punch in 3 matches

  • Nemesis - yellow reviver on 3rd charge. 2nd charge is also very helpful. Status immunity blocking is very useful skill

  • Nyx - We have seen it. very good hero

  • Hypnos - likewise. very good hero

  • Arges - 4* version of Nyx. Instead of hitting all, it is hit-3.

  • Brontes - he is not bad, mana gen + direct mana boost… but we have too many green healer… Not a big fan of heal-3

  • Steropes - Can this delayed revival status thing be dispelled?

  • Dante - 1st charge is ok… But is 2nd charge a bit too weak? 120 damage over 4 turns and that’s it?

  • Virgil - We have too many 3* blue healers… Not keen


Does this mean it’s still about 12 tiles for Charge 3 for Rush ?

Without mana boost:

6-9-12 => 6.5-9.75-13?

I think it is 6.5 tiles for each charge, but it is no way to test this :frowning:

Good enough. Thank you.

With mana boost to drop 1 tile … it becomes 6-12-18 then.

i see a lot of revive, 1 shot snipping, but also only attack options…
if you use ‘charge’ in defense it’s like a random battle between blinds… a rng batte… hope they’ll increase the max time of a raid soon. lol

Will it be only round 1 Styx heroes release first? Round 2 will be later date?

Round 1 Sytx heroes (Nyx and Hypnos) are already in the game during Solstice Summon.

The Tower of Styx will have all of these heroes as an option unless Staff decides otherwise like for the Gargoyles event.


Charon and Thanatos are what offensive teams needed. Often times you start with a bad board and needed 1-2 extra turns before losing. Having an average or fast speed healer means you’ll have to get 3 matches too. Which adds more mana to the opponent team.

With Charon and Thanatos, you need 5 tiles or 2 matches. Meaning less mana for the opponent team, which equals more turns where you can move tiles for the offensive color.

Pairing 1 of them in any 3-2 or 3-1-1 team and you’ll get an extra few turns to get the tiles you need.

If you’re serious about war, Charon and Thanatos will likely increase your avg score.


Nemesis is the anti-Xnolphod. Sorely needed.

In general these heroes are great because they only need 5 tiles for the first charge. The game is so fast now, even regular fast heroes with 9 tiles are often too slow. If you fight higher level teams with Xnolphod as tank and two C Alasie flanks, you are done if you don’t instantly have 9 tiles on the board, which is about half the time.

Needing only two matches of three is a blessing and it’s why I love my ninja tower heroes. Having more of this charge-type heroes is great and so is having heroes like Nemesis.

Ya, Nemesis should be able to kill the tank. It’s very likely the two yellow matches will hit the tank, so he won’t be full HP.

Certainly great against Xnolphod. Not bad as a ultra fast sniper too.

All these new Styx heroes are OP and have longevity. I’d summon these vs other event heroes for sure. (Not easily replaced)

Ironically, no one asking for these to be nerfed, which is crazy haha.

Can’t cast your damage dealers if they don’t live long enough.

I had to check the Op to assure myself this really was the special name!