🧪 Early Information on Round 2 of Tower of Styx Heroes [Part of The Beta Beat v50]

I have used the Tower of Magic heroes as template.
So probably it is Sergei’s skill name.

I will check my screenshots, and adjust it to the proper one in the OP.


I have just checked my screenshots, and I have fixed the OP.

It is still M. M., but it is “Mending Masterpiece” :slight_smile:



20 M. M. characters

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Not sure I want any of the 3 or 4 star heroes… The purple hit-3 4 star seems good, but the rest… not so sure. Heal 3 is always awkward. And a reviver that heals first and then revives for a few turns after a heal, when it is unlikely someone will die? Not really well thought through I think.

The 3 stars… well maybe the red hit all is OK, but the slow charge doesn´t overwhelm if compared to Waqas/Sudri and both of those benefit from rush. A fast healer is nice, but def green is of very limited use. Helo still seems better, so I doubt I´d level this one.

Can someone please explain me the appeal for those Styx heroes who do on 3rd Charge effects and dmg to only one heroe? What do they wish to achieve with these 5* heroes? What am i missing? :slight_smile:

You must wait 3rd charge to deal slightly more dmg than what you can achieve on first charge?

i would understand if the specials would have ailments for all enemies on third charge but only focuses dmg on one or heavy buffs for all alies :slight_smile:

Edit : I see the yellow version has ailments for all, where red one doesnt… maybe a typo from beta?

When nemesis had revive it was an obvious reason to wait.

Otherwise I often waited maybe one turn. If I had tiles to make a match safely is wait. The weird thing with these heroes is the 6/9/12 charges. It doesn’t take much to go from one charge to another. So it was easy to wait.

But I think you’re on the right track…the first charge is probably what you’ll use more often.


@PlayForFun the one part of this skill is repeated above for Nemesis. Based on how the other hero’s charges work, I think one should be replaced with


Yes, that is the last skill. I have checked my screenshots, and I have fixed the OP.


What does level property mean?

It means Biomes (eg: Season 4), and other Stage effects (for Season 2, 3, 5 or events).

This name is Greek!It has nothing to do with name Sergei!

Yes, but Sergei is used as template. It is fixed now.


Erebus 5* will surely get his special changed to all enemies with charges (ailments), when he goes live :slight_smile:

I only just realised that the family bonus doesn’t specify in the description how long the defense ailment lasts for, which is very strange? FYI it lasts for only 1 turn :thinking:


Shouldn’t it be the number of remaining turns ?

Enemy gets burn 3x
Enemy casts that burn 3x to attacker
Attacker gets burn 2x ?

If attacker gets burn 1x, then damage or inconvenience should be minimal.

Was it the intention for FB have minimal impact ?

I don’t mind. Lol

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@BlackZed I’m confused why are we talking about burn lol, I was referring to the defense ailment not DoT. But for example, I tested this and let Frigg cast her defense down on my team. It reflected defense down on her team, but for her team it was only there for 1 turn, for mine it was there for 4 turns. I would have thought it would match given it doesn’t specify in the description :sweat_smile:

:rofl::joy: I should have taken the second cup of coffee.

Reread. This is my understanding:

Your team has Styx-es.

Frigg casts DD on your team.

DD reflected to enemy team. But it is only 1 turn.

DD on non-Styx heroes in your team are 4 turns.

Did I get that right ?

That’s odd. I would have thought it should be at least 3 turns.

As I recall the enemy will receive the same duration as it is their defense down ailment, while these Styx heroes will get the ailment shortened with 2 turns.

@PlayForFun so I just tested it again this time with Morel, when he fired his whole team got DD for 1 turn, while my whole team got it for 3 turns (except Hypnos who had it for 1 turn because it’s shortened by 2 turns). So I guess I was originally under the assumption that the enemy team gets the DD for the same duration as all non-Styx heroes they casted it on, but it looks like it’s only for the same duration as Styx heroes instead :thinking:

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So it is working like what I said above.

Thx for the confirmation.

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