🧪 Early Information on Round 2 of Secondary Season 1 Hero Costumes [Part of The Beta Beat v52]

A four star overhealer barbarian? Love that. It would be something that i could really use. Plus he keeps the def and atk up?

Btw a cheaper to train barbarian healer would prove to be useful in styx tower if Charon decides to take away the cleric, sorcerer’s and wizards temporarily.

Barbarian actually has the best emblem path for a healer too.

This version of cyprian will be great for map lvls auto farm.

Just have 2 healers/hp boosters, 1 minion maker and 2 cyprians to boost mana and counter attack at flanks :slight_smile:

I already use C. Kiril and Caedmon all the time. So I guess I might use them even more now :smiley: Might actually have to max Almur now and try him with C2 Caedmon.

At the moment I am using Fogg - Frigg - Caedmon + 2 off-color healers

For Kiril, faithful Skadi companion, I will have the dilemma - first costume with defense down or second costume with health boost? And yeah, I know I could have two, but my Wizard emblems are limited and generally I prefer diversity. Either way, the increased stats will be handy.

Just 4* heroes?
This will take forever unless at least modt of S1 gonna get their second costumes.
Nvm my keys on hold still.

There are several non released legendary costumes here:

My guess is all of these will be released only no sooner than 2023 January so there is plenty of time to test more legendary costumes before March.

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My keys are also on hold… until they ALL come out. 3 stars too.


Not only there. My overhealers are paladins (Heimdall, c-Gadeirus) so from the 16 impossible floor I had some trouble. c2-Kiril would be great there.

So maybe Grimm could be the first 4* to do blue EDD? :smiley:


@Petri, @PlayForFun, can u please answer this question since it will determine when I use my costume keys? Will all the S1 3* and 4* heroes be getting a revamp? I really hope they do! Thanks.

I’d support it greatly. It would be better than making ice defense down exclusively Nordri or Frida. Be a blue G.Falcon.

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I mostly agree with this statement… except that in the recent Styx tower, Cyprian and Boril helped my progression in a BIG way. I put them on each flank and just needed to make sure they were always charged. Then I just sat back and watched the enemies kill themselves with their ridiculously powerful attacks.

But outside of tower events, yea, I find little uses of counterattacks in general.

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