🧪 Early Information on ROUND 1 Telluria & Vela Balance Updates [Part of The Beta Beat v30]

Most of the time it’s more dangerous for the game itself to do that.

Power creep might get out of control.

Yes but kunchen was available a year ago. If you started playing after that what I am saying holds weight, along with all the other tanks referenced.

It’s not like that have an additional bonus draw for hotm that’s additive.

Where it’s 1.3% for the new HOTm+a.1% summon chance every adding up for each previous HOTm.

If you missed kunchen now he’s a .325% chance.

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If SGG just rolls this out as the new version that won’t be great. But if it’s the first step in a plan to test multiple incarnations, then I think it is well chosen. SGG appears to have decided Telluria plus Vela was more powerful than they desired. This proposal is significantly less so. Hopefully they can then circle in to the desired point.

That is, while many are up in arms about this proposed nerf, I think that’s premature. Finding the right point can be done by moving to it incrementally (slowly reducing T+V effect) or by getting another data point that is probably too much and then moving towards a compromise.

Of course, I am a little uncertain, as either requires rigorous testing, and SGG’s history is against them there. For example, I don’t think it’s really defensible that they never tested a three turn Jean-François. Many agitated for it and they could have at least tried it, whether or not it got rejected, ultimately.


That’s always going to be case for players joining the game later. But that’s now how availability works especially when most active players have been playing for 1+ years. There are many who summoned in Feb and didn’t get Telluria. Just because a hero is an HotM doesn’t make it a commonly available hero which everyone has the way you are making it sound.

EDIT: If you were raiding diamond before Telluria the you’ll remember how every other tank was Kunch or Ursena. Reason why many of those Kunch oweners are over Kunch is because a) GTV setup is powerful b) Malosi was re!eased

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Only ask for compensation when you get rid of the hero. I guess you don’t think you’ll have tellurium and Vela to the max and they’ll give you something else. First take the reset emblems and then put them both, for example, in the Bane. I wish you a nice day.

I don’t have any problem with Telluria when I attacking her. With my 4100 team 3x red (Evelyn, Red Hood, Gormek) and 2x dark (Rigard with costume, Seshat) I knocking down teams 4500+ with Telluria/Vela without any problems. If you nerf Telluria, then I will stop paying, because average 5* heroes i can get from tc20 for free. If someone can’t build an offensive team, so it’s not Telluria’s or Vela’s fault.

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Because we are talking about not any typical post release nerf. We’re talking about an potential overnerf to the best hero (synergy) in the game that is just out for 2-3 months. If it’s SG’s new business model to release more accessable powerful heroes as hotms and even synergies like Telly + Vela, grab our money and just nerf the bunch afterwards to oblivion, that will ultimately lead to the end of the game.

Hearthstone is a popular example for compensating players when they do huge nerfs.

Why should SG consider them? If you don’t have Telluria or/and Vela you can’t get affected by a nerf negatively.
Even if you tried to pull for them and you had no luck, there would be no reason for compensating you. Why do you ask? Because you HAD NO LUCK. It’s the harsh reality, but that’s RNGesus for you…
It’s not like that I asked that people who have Telly/Vela should get their gems back and 3 different heroes to choose to equal Telluria. Nope, my demand only targets what we’ve actually got and invested - A Hotm and the materials we used to level this Hotm.

Again nope, Telly and Vela are beatable as every other hero in the game.
The problem with Telly+Vela is the following:

  1. They are both Hotms, so more accessible during their month of release than any Event-Hero.
  2. Telluria is the best tank imo.
  3. Their synergy is the best in the game imo.
    Conclusion - A lot of people wanted them, got them and naturally use them now, which further concludes the current state of the game, that they (especially Telluria) are dominating the top ranks.
    Is that a problem? Actually I personally think upper diamond and also the Top100 are very irrelevant anyway, but I can Imagine that it is very boring to face the same teams again and again if you sit up that mountain.

And there you have the actual problem and you’re saying it yourself - SG makes heroes attractive to get players to chase after them. I’m not saying it’s a problem in general because I am aware games like E&P need some sort of powercreep to keep the interest. No one would play this game, if there wouldn’t be releases of new heroes with new flashy powers as E&P is already one of the repetitive games I’ve ever played.
BUT how SG handles the powercreep with releases like Telluria is just immoral because believe me or not, they already knew what was coming when they introduced Vela, JF and Telluria into the beta. Everyone who watched the upcoming heroes in Beta knew from the introduction, that this will be potentially the new meta, if they release those heroes without some major adjustments. Well, JF left the trio because he got such a huge nerf, but gladly for the top players GM was a easy replacement. There were voices in the Beta which pointed out the upcoming domination which we have now and SG didn’t listen. So tell me, who is to blame here? The people which just took what SG released or is it SG which undoubtedly did all this on purpose to make as much money as possible?
And one appeal at last - Please don’t hit me up with “You don’t own anything in this game, read the ToS” or “You paid for gems, not the actual hero.”.
ToS aren’t an excuse for greed and that’s exactly what SG is - A greedy company, which sees the whole community as one big wallet, nothing else. They just don’t care about making E&P a great game for their community and I know, that’s nothing new, but the scenario right know puts it very well.


with the sailing modifications do you recommend to bring it to 4/80 Vela?

Apparently Small Giant invented nerfing :exploding_head:

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Evelyn is green, you mean Zimkhita maybe?

Eh, maybe we’ll have to come back to Ultima Online… (There were really huge nerfing!!!)

@TrickySiskel, did we make it? Did not check at all on Sunday.

Totally agree. This is ridiculous and super shady.

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No way. Bide your time.

Even before any changes arrive on the main servers we’re seeing the arguments for nerfing destroyed in front of our eyes. Nerf proponents don’t want to see discussion of what is actually happening, just showing the top 100 teams in fascination when almost no player sees them. My initial concern was war, and it looked like green would come to many alliances outside the top 100. And indeed it has happened, but the wars have turned out to be fine. War strategies are the same, and alliance cooperation pays off just like before.

Likewise, raiding in diamond is at least as easy as it was before, because so many more players have adapted by dropping the cup. Yesterday, filling chests in 2500-2700 range I hardly rerolled at all. It’s so common now to see an easy defense with no reroll. And those TV customers aren’t that tough, just play them with the same level of concentration you bring to your war hits. My account can’t even field a 4200 defense but my last raid was a 4300 JTV. No need to reroll, just play carefully for a few moves until the board gets better. Some people say yikes, Telly can kill you by herself (plus slash attacks) if the board stays rough. Come on, man. The same thing is true of a Gravemaker tank. If you happen to be in an alliance that wants you to maintain 2800 cups, because of its alliance score, okay you’ll see a different menu of players to raid. I’m pretty sure that narrow population can suck it up and paw through their revenges and use their raid flasks, and so on.

The latest claim of a TV disaster is the 5* tournament with purple forbidden. There was a good measure of TV on the leaderboard. But all that means is they were among the players who got A defense every day, or nearly every day. Out of over a million population, there will be plenty of defenses like that. You can see this elsewhere too, where a shrubbear or gunnar is a top flight tank even when it isn’t the golden color for that tournament. You need offense to make a tournament leaderboard, and you can guess many with a TV defense are spenders with a fine selection of heroes to choose from.

The more this pans out, the more it seems changing 34% to 24% is the most that should be done, and maybe even #NONERF is right.


I’m curious to know how they get away with this type of thing when there are many consumer protection acts in many countries where people are playing this game. This really isn’t kosher and could run them into a lot of trouble on down the line if people decided to take action.

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I like it! Words aren’t working so let’s try pictures…

Look here how easy it is to flip my bottom lip:
I can do this all day long!
What more proof do you need?..

You keep telling us to “get good” and I’ll keep reminding you that’s not the issue…

Saturation is the issue.
No variety is the complaint.
And balance is the solution.


By the way. Your victories come after repeated losses to the same opponents. Interesting…
Your victories come after opponents with the same defense.


Comparing Vela to Ursena is pointless because they have different positions and roles. Ursena is the tank, meaning it is much easier to kill her with a yellow stack before she fires. Bringing a red stack vs Telluria might let you kill the tank but then you still get the punnish from Vela (unless Mitsuko, but she is much less common).
Bringing a green stack instead makes Telluria not have a weak element and Vela on the flank is much harder to hit and GM now punnishes you. So while Ursena is a terrific tank that punnishes yellow stacks, it is still viable and doable to beat her that way. Which can not be said for GTV…

Any news when round 2 is expected to start?


Beta Update

A second round of Beta testing has started, with new updates to Telluria, Atomos, and Gobbler.

For Details and discussion of Telluria and Vela, please see:

=> 🧪 Early Information on ROUND 2 Telluria & Vela Balance Updates [Part of The Beta Beat v30]

For Details and discussion of all other Heroes, please see:

=> 🧪 Early Information on General Hero Balance Updates [Part of The Beta Beat v30]

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