🧪 Early Information on New Tower of Magic Event [Part of The Beta Beat v41]

Meanwhile… Marie Therese, Raffaele, Aeron, No-Costume Rana, Wu Kong, and other Monks are crying in the corner.


More like 25 challenging stages and 50 ‘why I am bothering with this’ stages.

Tower of magic heroes and Slayers have a nice symbiosis.

You have a defense of 3 slayers for maximum stacking and two wizards for even faster mana stacking :slight_smile:

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wow… thank you sooooooooo much…

so I searched I’m bad at this forum still

10 flags a day … how many days?

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Please fix the BUGSSSS lol so laggy and crashity

Recently they posted this…
There note itself tells that “50 floors are impossible”… If its impossible then why do thhey gonna release it???

Its marketing, the label impossible will get a lot of attention from high ranking players, are you not tempted to achieve the impossibe?

Happy gaming


Yes i definitely do…But i wonder that word impossible,how hard they gonna make it!

Lets try it…:slight_smile:

20chars of happyness

I originally thought this was in response to some people saying NT was no longer a challenge (and in honesty, it isn’t)

So this I thought was the response to that, finishing it will be an accomplishment.

But from Beta reviews I don’t think that’s the case. But we will see I guess.


thank you again @PlayForFun for all your hard work updating us and gathering information! and also your super helpful tips for the event re blessings and items

Sorry if this was already asked, I didn’t see it, but… do we know if the Troop summon for Magic Tower will also include the Ninja troops? I’m guessing not, and that we have to wait for next Ninja event for them again?


they may get that in and may name them as Tower troop summon portal!! during seasonal towers!!lol…njoy

Somebody asked this maybe somewhere else.
In the Beta there were no Ninja Troop summon portal attached to Tower of Magic portal.
So I suppose this will be the case in the live game too.
So it looks like we need to wait for the Ninja Tower to use our troop tokens…


That’s a bit disappointing. By the time it comes round I should have a good collection of troop tokens though!

Pirates was replaced with villians. Challenge events and tower events are different.

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I assume that is supposed to be Tower Spirit Minion and not the Lantern Minion?

Thx for notiticing it @JekylandHyde
I have fixed it.

Yes, it is a Tower Spirit minion related blessing.


Thank you @PlayForFun! As a content creator, I understand and appreciate the labor of love for you to create all of this and your patience answering questions.

Thank you for being you.


For any other disscuisson on the magic Tower please follow the link

Gonna close.


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