🧪 Early Information on New Tower of Magic Event [Part of The Beta Beat v41]

Somebody asked this maybe somewhere else.
In the Beta there were no Ninja Troop summon portal attached to Tower of Magic portal.
So I suppose this will be the case in the live game too.
So it looks like we need to wait for the Ninja Tower to use our troop tokens…


That’s a bit disappointing. By the time it comes round I should have a good collection of troop tokens though!

Pirates was replaced with villians. Challenge events and tower events are different.

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I assume that is supposed to be Tower Spirit Minion and not the Lantern Minion?

Thx for notiticing it @JekylandHyde
I have fixed it.

Yes, it is a Tower Spirit minion related blessing.


Thank you @PlayForFun! As a content creator, I understand and appreciate the labor of love for you to create all of this and your patience answering questions.

Thank you for being you.


For any other disscuisson on the magic Tower please follow the link

Gonna close.


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