🧪 Early Information on New Springvale Heroes & Springvale Family (formerly Easter Family) [Part of The Beta Beat V28]

He is 1.5 tier

A great hitter depending on conditions (consecutive casts make his weaker) but unlike Finley he don’t provide increased damage for other heroes and can’t hit targets as easily as him when the targets are scattered.


I may pull for Killhare regardless. I already have a maxed and emblemed Lepus, the pair might make great flankers on defense. :thinking:


Sir Roostley’s penalty doesn’t seem that bad, for the three turns it lasts, there would be few times when he would be ready to attack again.

Sorry if I miss the info but I can’t find the planified dates for the Springvale event.

6 April 2020

Look at the announcement

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The updated/ overhauled Springvale Event was introduced in V28.

The event is scheduled to start on the 6th of April 2020


Master Lepus got a new animation for his special in the new v28 release. It has the same blue circular design, but sparkling butterflies fly over the blue circle.


:salt: :salt: :salt: :salt: I came here for some Salt!! :salt: :salt: :salt: :salt:

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Does that actually work like that? I was thinking that the defense debuff would override J.F. and Grazul’s protection if it was from “friendly-fire”. I’m curious if anyone has tested. I mean I have J.F., so if it works like how you say it works, I would consider chasing some rabbit heroes.

Yes, If you fire JF before firing Lepus, Lepus does not get any defense down effect. Instead, he gets the defense up buff from JF. They have great synergy together. Same with firing Grazul first, Lepus does not get the defense down.


Great, I just wanted confirmation, because I wasn’t sure. I just hope that there are no future releases where this gets changed.

Yes, it actually does work out :slight_smile:

You can test this scenario in the 3* level too – Gato will protect Sq. Wabbit from getting undispellable lowered defense after using his skill. I commonly see a Gato flank backed up by a Wabbit wing in 3* raid tournaments.

The same thing works when it comes to Grazul / Aeron + Killhare or M. Lepus (and any of the Springvale heroes for that matter).

On a related note, I expect Gato + Chick will be an insane offensive combo in the 3* level.


Just realized that Woolerton with full shield path will make a great 2 or 3 stack with Gazelle. Granted, Gazelle is average speed, but being able to block Woolerton from debuffing herself will be huge. A fast healer with 40% heal is already amazing.

I really hope I can pull her


Poseidon will protect Lady Woolerton too.


Two requests for Springvale:

  1. The death rabbit from Monty Python - Yellow with a guardian owl style grenade effect

  2. Easter Wolf — and the name must be Merica


Killhare is basically The Rabbit of Caerbannog mixed up with Lola Bunny. And Easter Wolf could be called Master Lupus so we can make House MD jokes.

Edit: Anyway what do you guys think about Killhare being a tank (in raids, since in war it would be risky)? She has little smaller attack than Ursena, but more HP and defense, and her special’s defense debuff doesn’t affect her. She does not have reflect but she deals 280% damage all the time, which can be potentially devastating. Add in that she is a Fighter that has tendencies to revive in most inappropriate moment (read - with full mana) and things can get south pretty quickly for the attacker.


I’m really hoping for July’s HoTM release in beta before springvale ends.

To see whether its worth saving EHTs for sand empire


After Sir Roostley’s -20% atk down for 3 turns, as an average hero it will take at least 3 turns ( 9+ tiles) to charge him up again so it won’t affect him at all, right? He’d still have his 280% damage.

Plus, if you bring Poseidon and fire him off first, Sir Roostley’s special will be overwritten.


It will affect his tile damage during those turns you’re recharging his Special Skill, and in cases where you can charge him faster, like popping a Diamond, it could still be active when his Special Skill is ready again.

Poseidon protects against Mana debuffs, not Attack debuffs.


Is there any hero who protects against attk debuffs who would be useful in this situation?

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