🧪 Early Information on New Santa's Booster - Battle Bonus and Stage Gift [Part of The Beta Beat v53]

NOTE: Please do not, under any circumstances, share IMAGES OR VIDEOS from Beta in this or any public Forum thread. Violations can cause players to lose their Beta accounts, or threads to be closed down.

This thread is to provide early insights and discussion on the initial release of the new Santa’s Challenge Booster.

Don’t get too attached

Details from Beta, especially brand-new Beta content, don’t tend to be very reliable for actual release.

It’s incredibly common that features are changed during Beta testing, or sometimes even after testing but before release. That is, after all, the purpose of Beta testing.

So I wouldn’t get too attached to any of this — it’s not unheard of for entire portions of features to be removed or reworked, or for radical changes to functionality to be made.

:moneybag: Santa’s Booster

This will be an offer, which is available through the Santa’s Challenge event, and it contains of two components:

  • Battle Bonus
  • Stage Gift

The offer also contains 300 gems and 3 Epic Hero tokens.
The price is unknown.

:crossed_swords: Battle bonus

All of your heroes receive stat boost based on their rarity:

:gift: Stage Gift

If you buy the Santa’s Booster, then a :gift: icon will be shown after each stage, which you can open after you finished that level.
If you buy the offer after you have completed some stages, then you are still able to open the gifts for the already completed stages.

Each stage gives either Food or Iron Bundles (50k / 100k / 250k), and some additional items.
Special thanks to @yoyotje who have collected the bellow information.

Stage Easy Normal Advanced
1 10 Covenant Coins 1 EHT & 2* Nature Trainer Hero & 5 Loot Tickets 1 EHT & 2* Master Trainer & 5 Loot Tickets
2 10 Minor Antidotes 10 Super Elemental Coins & 5 Loot Tickets 10 Dune+Covenant+Super Elemental Coins
3 10 Covenant Coins 1* Fire Trainer Hero 10 Dune+Super Elemental Coins
4 10 Arrow Attacks 10 Super Elemental Coins & 5 Loot Tickets 10 Dune/Covenant Coins
5 10 Covenant Coins 1 EHT & 2* Holy Trainer Hero & 5 Loot Tickets 1 EHT & 2* Master Trainer & 5 Loot Tickets
6 10 Minor Healing Potions 10 Super Elemental Coins 10 Dune+Super Elemental Coins
7 10 Covenant Coins 1* Blue Trainer Hero 10 Dune+Covenant Coins
8 10 Minor Mana Potions 10 Super Elemental Coins 10 Dune+Super Elemental Coins
9 10 Covenant Coins 1* Green Trainer Hero 10 Covenant Coins
10 10 Healing Potions 1 EHT & 2* Dark Trainer Hero & 5 Loot Tickets 1 EHT & 2* Master Trainer & 5 Loot Tickets
11 10 Covenant Coins 10 Super Elemental Coins 10 Dune+Super Elemental Coins
12 1 EHT & 2* Red Trainer Hero 1* Holy Trainer Hero 10 Covenant Coins
13 10 Covenant Coins 10 Super Elemental Coins 10 Dune+Super Elemental Coins
14 10 Turtle Banners 1* Dark Trainer Hero 10 Covenant Coins
15 10 Covenant Coins 10 Super Elemental Coins 10 Dune+Super Elemental Coins
16 10 Bear Banners 1 EHT & 2* Master Trainer Hero & 5 Loot Tickets 3* Master Trainer & 1x Trap Tools
17 10 Covenant Coins 10 Super Elemental Coins 10 Covenant Coins
18 10 Mana Potions 1* Fire Trainer Hero 10 Dune+Super Elemental Coins
19 10 Covenant Coins 10 Super Elemental Coins 10 Covenant Coins
20 10 Potent Healing Potions 1* Ice Trainer Hero 10 Super Elemental Coins
21 5 Loot Tickets 5 Loot Tickets 10 Covenant Coins
22 10 Axe Attacks 10 Super Elemental Coins 10 Super Elemental Coins
23 5 Loot Tickets 5 Loot Tickets 10 Covenant Coins
24 1 EHT & 1 ETT & 2* Blue Trainer Hero 1 EHT & 1 ETT & 3* Master Trainer Hero & 5 Loot Tickets 1x Tonic & 4* Master Trainer & 1 EHT
Total Food & Iron 600k Iron & 550k Food 300k Iron & 1900k Food 1500k Food

Total amount of summons you get from the Booster alone:

  • 200 Super Elemental Coins
  • 200 Covenant Coins
  • 100 Dune Coins
  • 11 Epic Hero Tokens
  • 70 Loot Tickets
  • 3950k Food
  • 900k Iron
  • 1x Trap Tools
  • 1x Tonic
  • Bunch of (Master) Trainer Heroes
  • Bunch of basic battle items

All of these are above the regular loot what you can get from the Santa’s challenge.

:mantelpiece_clock: Beta Updates

  • November 3, 2022 – added for first look testing.

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Definitely a P2P feature - Santa’s Booster…:money_with_wings:
You get an extra gift for completing each stage too… I wonder if they’ll roll this out for other challenges too :thinking:?


Probably worth 10 bucks at max, lol.

So 16 summons? Might be interested for $5 or maybe $10… Though it will probably be $20 or even $30 due to the tonic and all the extras… And of course the stat boost…

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PoV pass has less summons. If this would be in the price of PoV pass I would consider buying, but I suppose it will cost at last twice as PoV pass.


My valuation of pulls is based on $1 per pull… So I’d pay $16 for it… Though… This very well could be $25 at which point i would likely say no thank you.


I have 40 plus tonics… Maybe give us the option of which 4* asc mat we want.

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Basically a POV for Christmas challenge. If it’s a decent price then it would be worth it for the summons, as others have said. Food and loot tickets are nice. I don’t mind the idea as it takes nothing away from those that don’t buy it so whatever.

But…the stat boosts? Is this the first time you can buy something to directly improve heroes in an event? I know that higher spenders have more heroes that will get bonuses in events, so spending indirectly leads to that advantage. But a direct pay to improve heroes in this challenge. It’s the most P2P thing I think we’ve seen. Not a fan.

Besides, players with the money to spend and the Winter heores to benefit from it probably don’t need it anyway, so kinda pointless all around?


agreed. I can still accept it because there are no rankings in the Christmas event… but if they ever make this available for the Towers or for Challenge Events…


Has this event been updated to include the newer heroes or are we stuck playing the same tired event from three years ago?


Or for weekly raid tournaments (or something similar)…



makes me think, what,

“yo dawg, we heard you’re all getting sick of PoV so we put a seasonal PoV in your PoV so you can PoV while you PoV”


3 tiers => 16x extra summons

POV @ S$14.98 / US$9.99 = 10x (excluding gems and ETT)

My guess is S$21.98 / US$14.99 (lowest, but unlikely) to S$28.98 / US$19.99 (highest). I doubt that price will exceed US$20.

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In the current PoV you get: 300 S5 coins, 30 event coins, 4 EHT, 3 ETT and 900 gems = 16 summons.

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I ignore the free rewards. Only look at the premium tier. And ignore ETT.

So do I. However, I don’t think we can neglect ETT and gems. SG gives them price :wink: as well as other no relevant stuff. In fact in premium part of PoV you got some other valuable staff like aethers and emblems which I ignore (but SG is selling them).

Regarding summons, I like to evaluate them in gems. This will give us
Santa’s Booster: 4 Covenant/Super Elemental coins (4x350=1400 gems) + 100 S5 coins (300 gems) + 11 EHT (11x260 = 2680 gems) = 4560 gems
PoV premium: 300 S5 coins (3x300=900 gems) + 30 event coins (3x260= 780 gems) + 4 EHT (4x260 = 1040 gems) + 3 ETT (3x160 = 480 gems) + 900 = 4100 gems.

Thus, summon offer for PoV premium is little worse than Santa’s Booster, but you get some other nice stuff. On the other hand PoV premium pass is best offer in the game and other offers are far behind it. I wonder what will be the price for Santa’s Booster.

If you re-read my post again, you will note that I did not even mention or consider the value of Santa’s booster versus that of POV paid tier.

I merely hazarded possible price for Santa’s booster; hence my comparison of only hero portal summons, disregarding gems and ETT, and any of the other paid loot.

Were I to compare the value of both POV Basic Pass versus that of Santa’s booster, rendered into gems, where possible, POV Basic Pass will be of better value on account of battle items alone:

20 Harpoons @ 50 gems = 1000 gems
40 caltrops @ 250 gems = 10000 gems

That’s already 11,000 gems => US$99.99 from Zynga Store

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Hm. Reading this makes me think of Diablo Immortal. They got a lot of backlash doing exactly that; adding extra ways to get better ‘loot’ by purchasing things like this. Is this any different, or am I reading it wrong?

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I started playing in November 5 years ago. I wouldn’t have bought this… But I’m pretty sure i struggled with my bane and 2* crew.

They celebrate Christmas VERY diffierently in Finland than they do here in the States… and probably other parts of the world. That’s not a gift either. That’s just picking up stuff at the store. Are they getting rid of the daily offers during the duration of Santa’s Challenge or do they expect people who either have the funds or the addition to buy both sets and still mostly get duplicate S1 heroes and worthless junk?

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