🧪 Early Information on New Santa's Booster - Battle Bonus and Stage Gift [Part of The Beta Beat v53]

I think the difference in Diablo Immortal is there was loot you could reaaly only get by paying for the loot boxes (eg legendary gems).

Here, everything is otherwise obtainable - although it’s a hell of a grind. Also, the free rewards are the same as ever, this just adds more. Diablo Immortal was also paywalling stuff that was free loot in previous games, especially Diablo 3.

So I wouldn’t say it’s the same. What they did to Diablo was simply horrendous. But the simple concept of tying completion loot to payment is the same and I don’t like that. Psychologically, it’s harder to ignore when you feel like you’ve already earned it and that’s kinda immoral and predatory.


Well Zynga is from States… And they are the ones behind the curtains for every action SG makes


Aha, I see - thank you very much for sharing your insight, I greatly appreciate it :100:

I very much agree, it does feel predatory. :face_with_diagonal_mouth:


I’d be a buyer at 15, maybe 20 if I was in a really good mood.


LOL!!! just realized it’s another PAY TO GET!!!

WTF… thanks a lot again - pay money to get tokens and summons some dawas and tuck

Thanks, but no thanks - I’ll summon them for free

In other games you can see such even rewards for free…


10 or 15 USD is acceptable. If higher, i mostly likely will not buy it…

Same here. 20 characters.

Pretty certain the price will be similar to Phoenix Vip ($30-35)

Perhaps… But definitely not worth it for me then.

a brazen new offer i see, but par for the course with this game now, so im not surprised they’d try something like this!

Agreed… Since its christmas, it shouldnt be more than a range of 10-15 eur, closer to POW value :slight_smile:

I don’t like the wording… You can get… It makes it sound like we will get all axes and 1% get something good.


I agree, went here to check. WILL get is much better and makes the offer worth considering.
16 pulls + lots of good stuff for equivalent to 12 $

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$11.99 US. Hmm, may buy this.

Can someone post loot?

It is in the OP (if it is unchanged since Beta).

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Thank you! Didn’t know if it was the same or guaranteed loot

And also if you click on the Stage Gift in the offer, then you can see these:

  • 1x Master Trainer 4*
  • 2* Master Trainer 3*
  • 4* Master Trainer 3*
  • 10x EHT
  • 3x ETT
  • 100x Dunes Coin
  • 200x Covenant Coin
  • 200x Super Elemental Coin
  • 70x Loot Ticket
  • 1x Mysterious Tonic
  • 1x Trap Tools
  • 10x Axe Attack

Incredible how they created an offer to let people finish this outdated event faster just because it’s boring already after 4 years being exactly the same.

Why update the gameplay when you can make people pay for finishing it faster because it’s so boring, right???

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I went through this offer.

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