🎅 Offers Log & Discussion – Santa's Challenge (Christmas) 2022

I understand your position and providing your insight is fair.

I just wish people with a grudge wouldn’t try to ruin it for everyone else. It comes across as sour grapes. If this game isn’t profitable, it will end.
The Developers have to find a way to keep making money and adding new features, like this Christmas Booster.


You get a ton of stuff. I think it’s at least 9-10 epic hero tokens, 200 covenant coins, 200 Dunes coins. I’d say it was well worth it.

How exactly are they “taking” your money? Don’t people still have free will and make their own decisions on whether to purchase what they offer? Or did this turn into some sort of taxation without representation scheme?


Of course they do.

And I have free will to say what I said, you know I’m rarely negative here on this forum, very rare I complain.

I’m just expressing my thoughts in a forum.

I’ll leave it here, :soccer:


I know you’re not negative…like ever lol. I just find it strange when anyone says that the devs “take” anyone’s money. :joy:

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They sure ain’t taking my money… go buy the special booster offer guys, SG ain’t taking your money, they’re into the charity bussiness, I hear… the price tag is just an anciet relic left over from the daysback when SG were taking your money. Now all offers are free, they don’t take no money for them, just forgot to remove the tags… so, come on, buy some no money taking gems!

The Booster is not random. There are no rolls. It is a set loot amount that you get for buying the booster. Every level is the same loot for everyone.

I made it a point to finish the Challenge today, collecting all the elemental coins, because that event starts tomorrow.


Of course they’re not “taking” money from you…nor from anyone else for that matter. There is a difference between “taking” and a willful “purchase of an offer” where an exchange happens that somehow some fail to grasp.

“Taking money” implies you get nothing in return. But we can’t expect some who expect everything for free to understand that, now can we?

Hi there.
Me completed Santa’s challenge event, the day after it spawned in my quest.
The problem is, I didn’t noticed much on that booster pack. Coz so many offers spawns one after another every time opening the game.
Question is, can I get that gift loot if I purchase it now, after completing the quest ???!!
Thx in advance. :blush:

yes you can :slight_smile: Buy the pack then claim your loot


I’d say yes. It must be same as with the Path of Valor.


Thank you very much . :relaxed:

Thank you for keeping the game alive and well!


What’s the extra loot you get?

Nevermind, found it.


Yes, it helped.
Me claimed all my gifts , for all difficulty. :blush:

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It’s Christmas fair downtown, lots of stands, merchants selling all kind of overpriced trinkets nobody really needs… but I guess people buy them anyway, otherwise the fair wouldn’t be there… heard spirit at it’s best… there’s one among them that, I think, might work, or at least might have worked at some point for Zynga or SGG, or attended the same bussiness classss as them… He sells one potato at a time. Yes, one potato. Spiral cut and deep fried. Asks for it the equivalent of 5 US$… for one potato… you can buy about 7 or 8 kilos of potatos, even more perhaps, for that price at the supermarket… of course, they’re not spiral cut and deep fried at the supermarket… So, he’s bassically selling one nicely wrapped item for 50 times the base price. Is he “taking your money”? Perhaps… perhaps not… sure thing is, he does manage to sell one potato for the price of 50, orherwise he wouldn’t be there, in the cold all day long. One might find all sort of excuses for this high road robbery. The gas for the furnace, the oil he uses, the harsh working conditions, all to bring us the joy of buying one potato for 50 times the price… I don’t buy it. I think what he actually does is speculate interhuman relations and emotions. Looking at his customers, one can’t help noticing a pattern. There’s always pairs of parents and kids. I’ll let you figure out who’s eating the potato and who’s paying for it 50 times the price. Imho, that merchant is a lot like Zynga/SGG and many other genere companies. Speculating human weakness to make insanely overinflated profits. In the end, I guess, they’re right when they say it’s not a fool he who asks, it’s a fool he who gives… I’ll keep my money, sir, regardless of the excuses some people always find for the gatcha practice.

TLDR. You keep enjoying their product for free. You’re absolutely entitled to it, my friend. No one’s taking anyone’s money. Those that spend it are doing it on their own accord and those that are not are simply not. Really no need for a deep hyperbole.

What’s the gem offer today?

Equals 6.something USD on the last offer :upside_down_face: