E&P Goddesses - A Poll

@Rook ha ha - yeah they might need to be bunched in with the outstanding cast and crew of Atlanteans for next year - this year BEAUTY - next year BEAST!!! LOL, that’s actually a good idea eh?

@Kerridoc Melia get’s a BEAUTY pass - yeah we probably should have fit her and Misandra in this group ha ha ha. They will be shoe in’s for Queen/Princess roles next year unless SGG starts churning out ladies from that not-ugly generator :wink:

@Shohoku79 - crazy close - right??? I never would have imagined. 2 votes, 3, 4? And I know some people that just stumble across it obviously only cast a single or less than 7 votes. Once it gets to the point its between 2 for sure I think it gets more competitive than one might think…

Some good ideas! 1 v 1 - yeah that is cool… hmmm. We could possibly do 2 1x1 at the same time, or heck do them all at the same time if we want to get crazy!!! ha ha ha ha

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I love Guin :heart_eyes::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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@Shohoku79 I knew I booked marked this for a reread because I forget what made me laugh hard getting side tracked. Well it’s all awesome. " Secrets of Camelot" lol


My Vivca still all way winner to me.
I say you make:

  • Round of Queens where top 4 winners (by votes) compet in whos the most loved one.
  • Round of Princess where top 4 2nd places compet with each others to pick all over 2nd place.
  • Round of Wisdom for same system 3rd placed.

12 votes to each player, 4 per Round.
Loved your hard working @Razor
And the H.U dark version looks badass bro, great work.

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Hey @Razor maybe I missed it but how did you decide which 4 ladies to pair together?

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@GERATH - Polling was an idea when the 1st round was created. I personally picked 4 of my favorites at the time - figured it was a 1 time deal and I’d move onto the next Polling question topic afterwards.

I saw there was enough interest to do another and got some input from the Forum and incorporated… Made sure I got in all the characters mentioned basically and usually noticed the forum of who I was thinking of putting in the next round usually leaving 1 outstanding… etc.

I had originally opened a thread for the original poll, the 2nd and the 3rd - and I came across guidelines requesting like topics to be kept together (which this clearly qualified for) so got Super @Rook to help merge the 3 together - lost a little history and traction which I figured would happen - all good though!

Requests came in that took us to round 7! So at this time it’s in all of our hands to determine who we match vs who! I’m just hoping it’s not left up to me!!!

More than you wanted to hear I’m sure - that’s the history of it. So yeah I had controlled 1, 2-5 I lead, 6 was to make good on a particular hero I almost forgot & @Shohoku79 helped fill that one out (as I was trying to restrict to Epic/Legendary - no point in that really) and 7 is just who we got left with who happened to be the BIG GIRLS group! Most of the trail is above! I’m going to stop typing now! ha ha


@Rduke77 - Athena I’d say with 99.9% certainty is in the playoffs! You will want to get your votes in for her! Not sure Red or Lianna will make it… were determining that now and have stats on all their performance for review…


@markpessan - me too! Stay nearby - she is on the edge a bit potentially… I’ll wait till everyone gets their input in before moving forward - which is sometime this time tomorrow I suspect - for a time reference!

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@Jedon that is a great attitude regarding Vivica! I don’t think she is going to make it in??? The lady has the child bearing hips for a bear, my gosh! (I didn’t say that out loud)… Or maybe she will… idk.

The only issue we have with going by Votes is there isn’t an equal distribution of Votes… I think that we need to determine final factor to decide the last 2-4-6 to be included - will it be by votes, %, or votes and %. % is where I would tend to lean however - its up to everyone.

I think your suggestion is absolutely an option. It makes it pretty easy to do the crowning in basically 2 contests. Then it just goes back to the prior paragraph for Queen/Princess round.

The Wisdom winner being wise had saved up 300 gems in prior ‘pagents’ to attempt a 1 in (\frac{d}{{dx}}\cot x = - \csc ^2 x\dfrac {?}{\oiint \ngeqslant }) odds to summon the crown of the Goddess of Goddesses which would debunk both the winners in round 1 and 2, making them the Queen of Queens. Right? Ha ha.

Thanks Buddy! Glad you like that H.U. dArK vErSiOn - yeah it’s cool - appreciate that comment about it! Right on. Catch ya soon.

  • RaZoR
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I have that Job hunting thing today :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: - will check back in around 8pm MST (USA) time to see where we are at!

Please provide any of your ideas and/or feedback on following 3 methods if you have a preference and any selection criterion you feel is fair for section of who makes the playoffs (fight for your lady if they should be in it): Link to Results List of Goddesses

@Shohoku79 @NPNKY @Jedon @Rook @MrsBCW @Sorsha @FraVit93 @LucasDaoc

Suggestions so far…

  1. 16 round Tournament (@NPNKY): Seed the winners of the first 7 rounds as 1-7 by % of votes. Take the top 9 runners up by % of votes and seed them 8-16. Do a bracket style tournament. #1 seed vs #16, #2 vs #15, etc. Each voter gets 1 vote in each head to head match. Winner moves on to the next round. Till there are 2 standing.

  2. Select 3 (This expedites results by @Jedon) - 3 matches for 3 winners… done.

  • Round of Queens. Top 4 winners (by votes) (4vs)
  • Round of Princess. Top 4 2nd winners (4vs)
  • Round of Wisdom for same system Top 3rd place. (4vs)
  • Voters get 4 votes per round instead of 7
  1. Continue with established polling method and pick top 12 or top 16 and determine placement… perhaps similar to 1) with seeding however no 1 vs 1 till last match.

r1) 4vs x 3 - or - 4vs x 4 (Top 12 or Top 16 - using seeding like 1 above)
> 3 winners + highest % runner up or 4 winners
r2) final 4vs with results from r1
> final 2 based on %
r3) 1 on 1 for Queen/Princess
- could have an optional r2.5 where have the top 3 from r2 do a 3vs


To hasten (or perhaps shorten the process) so the queen can be crowned, and start the male heroes contests to appease the out crying voices for equality, here might be something you could consider. Take the winning % differentials for each of the seven rounds into consideration in the pairings.

The two winners with the largest percentage differential over the runner up gets a 1st round playoff bye. Round 1 is made up of 1 v 1 brackets of possibly 6 other brackets made up of the other winners and runner ups.

So based on the charts.

  • Morgan La Fey and Layla are the ones with the highest win % in their rounds, they automatically advance to round 2. It is what it is, they are just “that” much more popular than the runner ups in their round, don’t fault @Razor for putting them where they were.
  • 6 other 1 v 1 brackets are made up of:
    Natalya, Belith, Delilah, Hawkmoon, Elena (Other winners of their round)
    Isarnia, Athena, Zeline, Li Xiu, Hel, Brienne, Guinevere (Runner Ups of the 7 rounds)

To prevent any sort of rematches of the earlier rounds, the match ups of the 6 brackets in the first round will be randomized and @Razor or @Roxy_TM can put 12 names in the proverbial hat and draw (so Natalya will not face Isarnia immediately in the first round, for example).

To speed things up, you can probably run 2 brackets at a time with limiting factors like 1. shortened number of total voters (e.g. instead of 100, use 50), 2. time limit (e.g. each battle rounds will open for 3 days and automatically close), or 3. limited number of votes per person (instead of 7, each get 3).

Just thought it would be nice to incorporate all the number ones and twos of each round with a slight advantage to two of them for the odd number of rounds, and them being the more popular of their rounds.


Yes, I feel skittleskull has been unfairly left off. She is clearly the fairest goddess of all. This injustice needs to be righted…

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@Shohoku79 @NPNKY @Jedon @Rook @MrsBCW @Sorsha @FraVit93 @LucasDaoc @GERATH SORRY I’M LATE GUYS!!! I’ll review and then see who is still here


@GERATH ok bro lets do 1 more - Skittle vs. @Kerridoc 's Melia? Give it like an hour?

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Let me know if anyone is still around? I’m going to surf for a bit… FYI TitanMafia has been converted to a USERS GROUP, free membership, anyone here that has interest hit me up. Down the road it will give you access to information that is NOT shared publicly (at least not initially - and guys its going to be sweeeeet information!). As well there will be bi-MONTHLY contests for Members with e-gift cards $10-$50! Just to be clear I’m not trying to take anyone away from the Forum - the Members will have input in the direction of the members site for ‘fun’ activities based on the genre of the game itself.


And I thought Skittle was male :joy:


I’m here…not lurking :wink::joy:


@Shohoku79 totally appreciate you giving me a pass on the placement of the contestants! Your my bro!

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So what are your thoughts MrsBCW on the poll, see anything here that looks fair/solid? Do you have anyone in the running as a favorite? And I definately would be honored if you became the first USERS GROUP member! :heart_eyes:

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I’ve actually heard more than a dozen times its a girl!!! I would never have guessed… poor lady.


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