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Hero Rankings - Just got better! See the Latest Report via the Hero Utility or just review this Weeks review on TitanMafia! Should be no surprise who the EPIC top 3 Turned out to be…

It’d be great if you extended Table 6 (Hero Position) so we could see how different heroes are being deployed.


@Kerridoc - added to the list! Will be coming soon my friend! Have a great day!

Thanks! I was also thinking that it would be nice if there were a 4* equivalent database, but there’s no way to collect the data but for raiding down in Gold, and then we don’t know who is “good”. Too bad.

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I wish there was a dependable way to do it! Were stuck kinda guessing - except for the rare appearances of the EPICS - and of course it makes sense the Top 3 are who they are - All Healers with excellent special skills… In the future I’m going to start looking at that data closer especially who is on the team and which alliance/player it is to determine if they are a quick in/out of the Top-100 or not… etc… Sorry gotta run or would talk more on it! Best. - Raz


Hi Everyone! I have processed data for this week! Some decent material. Take a second to skim the following...

I review the data on TitanMafia.com each week if you weren't aware.

**The latest report is always available directly through the Hero Utility as well (shown below)**


From there you have access to the to several summary tables such as the one below:


**The entire history is available on Titan Mafia under the following section:**


TITAN MAFIA BECAME --> An Empires & Puzzles [Users Group]

If you happen to get in on the 10/19-22 announcement for this, you likely have an account that can get you access to a fairly informative weekly report which shows summarized positioning through a heat map in the pool of 500 for the week as follows (example below):

@Kerridoc - updated it so its more useful.

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Thanks Razor for the update, I want Victor but no luck I guess. :money_mouth_face:

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I see from one of the above reports that Guin is rated 4th over all, not 1st (as I am led to believe from a quick scan of the top 10 or so players).

Which datapool are you using for the reports? Very handy! :slight_smile:

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@Rook - your going to be so glad you asked… I’m in a detailed response kind of mode today so you may have to dig a little bit for your answer LOL! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



Gravemaker is without ANY doubt and by FAR #1. ZERO doubts. Data doesn't lie. You can basically place him in ANY POSITION and get results - FLANK is certainly his STAR/strong position. He is also by far the most duplicated hero on teams, and it's becoming a trend.

(Side note: I would be highly interested to know how many Gravemakers were distributed during his 30 day HOTM offering as based on data it seems to be much higher than several/many of the other HOTM. Logically if he was more desired, there were more summons, then end of story. SGG may not put a cap on distribution for HOTM's during their availability. More of a curious thing for me).


Guin on the other hand battles with Alasie, Sartana and sometimes Zeline for the 2, 3, 4 and 5 spots of the Top-5. She usually brings up the rear - being she was/is built uniquely for the TANK/CENTER role - she is used primarily in 1 of 5 positions whereas Alasie for example can be used on 2 (in general for best results - REAR Left or Right).

I did write an article about GUIN - THE MOTHER OF ALL MOTHERS in which I discuss her:


and propose a hypothetical - which is just that - showing how she could be #1 in terms of USE on a team (being 100% vs Gravemakers 82-85%). That was then, and it was a hypothetical proposal (more of a WHAT IF? scenario). Gravemaker is and has been #1 for Months. She could potentially be used 100% of the time however… that is impossible due to TofA. If you’re interested here is the link to the article - I would rewrite it today based on data collection as well the research I have done since… still an decent read I think:

GUIN: THE MOTHER OF ALL MOTHERS (Click to Read - Note: this is a dated article)


The data you came across is a small subset of summarized data from the Data Warehouse used by the ‘Hero Utility’. Each week data is collected from multiple sources as well many calculations are run to generate NEW data and Summarized results, thus producing that week’s data for the Hero Utility.
If you visit TitanMafia.com just go to the section ‘THE WEEK in REVIEW’ or jump there via:

WEEKLY REVIEW (Click for Access)

If you want direct access to the Summary Tables of data such as which LEGENDARY heroes were not used (great list to watch over a couple weeks to identify whom to set aside for a possible future SGG ‘balancing’ and not waste time/resources for a 4th Ascension at this time) and what EPIC heroes were used (identifies some likely EPICS who have life after your EPIC phase). You can go the [LATEST REPORT] through the ‘Hero Utility’ itself or jump to the entire archive available to EVERYONE through:

ARCHIVES (click to access)

Each of the reports provides the historical links to the priors so you can delve down to the very first data collection from 7/29/2018 if you want to. It clearly reveals the progression of collection, the adjustments along the way, and the future of the utility etc…

Every week a pool of 500 heroes are collected from the LEADERBOARD (Top-100 players) in detail and added to the Data Store. It is a proven method of collection. In particular the current data - it cannot be disputed, period. If it is, you can slapped with the Historical data that backs it up!

Historical RANKS (-- CUMULATIVE --) data - some will argue their accuracy based on Time of Availability (TofA) of Heroes. I don’t disagree - still EXCELLENT information to have. And it is FACTUAL for the Hero you are reviewing, PERIOD. I have written about TofA and though it is speculative - a FACTOR may be developed specifically for the CUMULATIVE statistics - not necessary - but a future consideration.

GPA’s are provided by the Hero Utility. Pretty straight forward using the standard USA based 4.0 Grading system (simple calculations). GPAb (is the blending of the Offensive and Defensive Data - being this is the Blend that is used in ALL battle scenarios outside of TITANS in regards to GRADES).

RANK and GRADING and adjustments to those are also included - BOTH should be and are huge considerations for selecting your next Hero to ASCEND to FULL POWER! Or with Adjustments to consider start using (this is a rarity - but happens).

I’m sure much of what I said above is better said through TitanMafia.com or the Hero Utility links.

Anyone who puts in a fair amount of time to playing this game on a daily basis, who is here for the long haul - as this is a LONG TERM commitment game… Anyone who wants to be INFORMED/Up-To-Date, who has ANY interest in making informed ASCENCION decisions (4th that is) and VALUE placing their HEROES for best results - would be a FOOL by not allocating a few minutes a week to get the LOW-DOWN.

The Weekly review and data collection update is Usually available SUNDAY MORNINGS - grab a cup of Jamoke - and get informed!

LOL - thanks for the lead in. Hope it answers your question if not I can readdress in another thread.
Best additional links for consideration I would say are the following:

Grading Scale
About and Select Game FAQS


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But consider this:

  • GM had a 1.2% chance of getting pulled for any Epic/Event/Elemental summoning over a whole month, but
  • Guinevere had a 0.333% chance of getting pulled in Event Summons during the eight days Avalon has run.

So is GM’s dominance because of quality or availability?


GM was my very first HOTM, I was a little hesitant to use him at first. It took me a month to realise his benefits.

It would be interesting to know if multiple pulls were done and the pull differences between Guin and GM.

I do recall early on that GM wasn’t as popular as he is now.


@Kerridoc I definitely explored that WHAT IF scenario (I actually sited it within the post) and I don’t discount it! Gravemaker has reached a 93/100 @ a Pool % 18.6% - don’t see Guin even with a equivalent TofA factor ever going over 20% which is 100% use at center. With the duplicate trend for Gravy - he could break the 20%. However, I did state that he has been #1 for Months (not because of duplicates) - and that is specifically looking at the data, not the possibility of an equivalent TofA to be achieved (not sure that will even happen before they re-release him?). It’s still pure speculation, whereas this is real and right now data. Being that TofA - its speculative, I go with the facts. Again, I don’t discount it - I like to explore it and did and still am.

In the end it’s still just a WHAT IF that could turn out to be a WHAT NOT, so WHAT FOR?

Well obviously because curious minds like to know and explore, but that aside :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Another case in point is we have Sartana - who has always been available and in plenty compared to Gravemaker and one could ask why isn’t she used more? She just isn’t, because he is better. Her Pool % height is 9.2% vs his 18.6% - hes more than double her use. Yet she is an A#& kicker!

And we could also say the same for Lianna (who seems to be trending toward being used more). When you look at her GPAb (GPA Blend of Offense and Defense together) - she actually has the HIGHEST GPAb in the game: a boggling 3.94 GPAb. As well Magni (who was the MAN before Gravy took the forefront) - those 2 are available in plenty, but it’s Gravy that is being used in 82% of the Top teams versus their 15-20%. So it’s not a case of availability (TofA) in any of the 3 ‘Regular’ heroes that kick fricken A7#! vs. Gravemaker. It is just Gravemaker being preferred - and arguably flat out better.

If you look at Gravemakers versatility in terms of placement - it’s across the board (yes Flank is best/preferred) - the data shows very little versatility with Guin - she is a Center - nearly exclusively.

On another note, I did face my fear recently, 2 Guin’s! It was for not, and I was surprised! I didn’t have a problem - seemed easier than facing 1 of her. I have had more problems with 2 Gravy’s.

Then we can look at the Grades, Defensively they are pretty even matched, elsewhere - not so much to compare.

Here is a side by side (just for the compare of the here and now)

Thanks for the exploration opportunity!

@MrsBCW, @FraVit93, @AngkorKhmer @Rook, @Jedon


I really can’t understand this part of Heroes utality

Why does defense got 6 states and every other place got just 5?

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Now if we look at GPAb - which I consider to be a more accurate way to measure Heroes vs each other (as you can’t be defense or offense only in any battle):

Gravemaker: 3.84 GPAb
Guinevere: 3.29 GPAb

A bit more comparative then looking at Offensive and Defensive Separately.

When I look into the Data of the USERS GROUP:
They identify their favorite Owned Hero as: Gravemaker
And their Most Desired Hero as: Alberich
(just by Total numbers)

Lastly, if I was given the opportunity as follows: Hey RaZoR - You get to have 1 hero FREE right now pick Guin or Gravy.

I’d pick Guin! LOL


Then if I could pick 1 of your 3 leveled Legendary ICE - I would pick King Arthur. Rarity just has it’s attraction as does history and Guin and Arthur - well enough said.

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Simple answer is there is 1 more stat maintained in the defense grade than the Titan and Offense Grades.

Honestly I include them in the layout because there are a lot of people that use the grades that Anchor put together - and they are a basis for the GPA’s currently. a 5-5-5 would be nice, just not the reality of it.

You can review them here…

Otherwise you may want to direct your question specifically to Anchor who maintains the list!



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■■■■…sry man - ive felt that frustration…

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Hey Everyone! I Wanted to…

Introduce my protege @Runecaster - the Miracle Girl that went to a full EPIC team lead by LEGENDARY Aegir by the end of our session landing at level 9 - in 8 hours of total game play!

Rune these are all good people - this is just some of them (can only put so many names at a time). Strongly suggest you warm up to everyone on this list… make you a better player, PLAYER! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

@AngkorKhmer @FraVit93 @Sorsha @keltik @Tamertain @Eddard @Ralsha @LucasDaoc


AWWW YEAAAAH… Can’t wait to connect with you guys!!! Thx for the shoutout @Razor!!!


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